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In Deep Technology Acquired by GE Digital

Tags: #AI is a leading machine learning and intelligent systems company

Menlo Park, CA— GrowthPoint is pleased to announce another successful transaction: the acquisition of their client

GE Digital acquired, a leading machine learning and intelligent systems company. This acquisition will enable GE Digital to further accelerate development of advanced machine learning and data science offerings in the Predix platform. The team deepens GE’s machine learning stack and will spearhead innovative solutions in GE’s vertical markets to develop its machine learning offerings. Current customers include Pinterest, Twilio and Thumbtack.

Industrial machine learning is critical to GE’s development of scalable Digital Twin solutions and data-intensive industrial computing challenges. Running on Predix, Digital Twins are virtual twins of an industrial asset – a jet engine, a wind turbine or an entire power plant. Twins continuously collect data from physical and virtual sensors and rely on advanced machine learning techniques to analyze the data to gain insights about performance and operation.’s deep machine learning expertise – combined with GE Digital’s existing data science talent and massive portfolio of industrial assets – will advance GE’s Digital Twin capabilities and solidify its role as a leader in industrial machine learning.

To see the full press release and more details on this transaction, please read: GE Expands Predix Platform to Advance Industrial Internet Opportunities for Customers