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WeTransfer Investment by Highland Capital

Tags: #Communication Services


WeTransfer is a leading file-transfer service

AmsterdamLeading file-transfer service lands investment from Highland Capital Partners Europe. GrowthPoint Technology Partners initiated and advised WeTransfer on the transaction.

In 2014, WeTransfer experienced very strong growth and as a result, very high interest, from a variety of potential suitors. Bas Beerens, Founder and CEO of WeTransfer, decided to engage GrowthPoint Technology Partners to support an effort to determine the best possible partner for growth. After a detailed review of the market, an analysis of the best strategic partnerships, and a series of in depth meetings and discussions, the WeTransfer team selected Highland Capital Partners Europe as the best partner for growth.

In 2015, the WeTransfer results continue to exceed expectations and we are very excited to continue to support their growth in the future.

The transaction officially closed on December 31st, 2014. Please refer to WeTransfer’s official press release and Tech Crunch’s coverage of the deal for more information.