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Learnsoft Receives Growth Investment from Elsewhere Partners

Tags: #EdTech #Healthcare IT #Human Capital Management

Learnsoft is a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise learning and talent management solutions.

San Diego, CA – GrowthPoint is pleased to announce that its client Learnsoft, a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise learning and talent management solutions, has received growth investment from Elsewhere Partners.

Learnsoft delivers a fully configurable, SaaS-based enterprise learning technology platform encompassing Learning Management System (LMS) and Talent Management System (TMS) capabilities. Designed for ease of use, content integration, and intelligent reporting, Learnsoft provides a complete, integrated view of an organization’s learners and their learning progress. Traditional learning management systems are too rigid and time-intensive to properly support the needs of organizations in complex industries like healthcare and government that need to rapidly adapt to meet evolving demands and regulatory requirements. Already meeting the training needs of dozens of customers in highly regulated industries, the Learnsoft SaaS platform makes it easy for learners to learn and organizations to prove compliance by delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly interface that is branded for each organization.

“Legacy human resources, technology players don’t offer software-as-a-service-ready platforms tailored to meet the needs of compliance-heavy industries such as healthcare and government in a user-, instructor- and leadership-friendly manner”, said Robbie Abt, CEO of Learnsoft. “Learnsoft provides a comprehensive, yet flexible, solution to ensure organizations can quickly adapt so employees are properly prepared for their job – even when major tasks, procedures, policies and regulations are constantly evolving. With the infusion of strategic growth capital, we are now well positioned to scale and meet rising demand without compromising on our service promise.”

Learnsoft grew organically as a bootstrapped, profitable start up. Kishor Amberkar will lead the learning platform as President & CTO of Learnsoft. “At Learnsoft, we have been learners and pragmatic innovators in the education sector. We believe in methodologies that optimize seamless integrations that promote the best human learning experiences. We grew organically as a product company alongside our healthcare and government partners, always with a mindset focused on learning. Going forward, Elsewhere Partners will continue to empower the LMS and TMS capabilities that propels Learnsoft in compliance-focused territories in North America and globally,” said Amberkar.

“To Elsewhere Partners, we would not be able to find a more genuine and stronger support, and we forged the integration of what we desired matching our core principle to be planted in the future that the Learnsoft team so believes in. In addition, our sought-after technology partner GrowthPoint tailored our requirements with Elsewhere Partners, completing the transaction guided by Anson Kwan. Anson’s deep thoughts in our business and his ability to operate in technology did us beyond expectations, thank you Growthpoint,” said Amberkar. With new financing from Elsewhere Partners, Learnsoft will expand its sales and marketing efforts, drive innovation through a bolstered product portfolio, and further build out its executive team.

The team was led by Anson Kwan and Growthpoint acted as sole advisor to Learnsoft.

Read Learnsoft’s announcement here.