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Movea Acquisition by InvenSense

Tags: #Electronic Systems


Movea is a leader in motion sensing and data fusion software for ultra-low power location, activity tracking and context sensing

San Jose, CA – GrowthPoint Technology Partners is proud to announce InvenSense, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:INVN) acquisition of Movea SA, a leader in motion sensing and data fusion software for ultra-low power location, activity tracking and context sensing. GrowthPoint was privileged to serve as exclusive financial advisor to Movea.

Movea’s highly evolved offering in this space is the product of years of technology development and market cultivation. The company’s 500+ patent portfolio is also substantial evidence of its leadership in the space, which covers core technology as well as applications in the consumer mobile, TV interaction, and wearable device sectors.

John Savage, Managing Director at GrowthPoint, commented, “Invensense is acquiring a business that for years has provided thought leadership in what is now a red-hot technology space. We were thrilled to help arrange and advise on this transaction and look forward to seeing integrated Movea/Invensense technology become a core part of the human-computer interfaces of tomorrow.”

Movea’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Guilaumé, said, “the combination of Movea’s strong product and patent portfolios with InvenSense’s industry leading motion and sound SoC solutions will bring value to customers by reducing risk, cost and time-to-market as they deliver compelling new features that differentiate their products and deliver more end-user value.”

“With the addition of Movea, InvenSense achieves a significant milestone as it transitions to a leading provider of intelligent sensor System on Chips (SoC) for the fast growing mobile market. ‘AlwaysOn’ activity tracking is essential to enabling contextually-aware products and services,” said Behrooz Abdi, President and Chief Executive Officer, InvenSense, Inc. “The tight integration of our low-power, high performance, motion and sound sensors, along with Movea’s data fusion algorithms will position us to deliver on this ‘AlwaysOn’ promise.”

The transaction, which was announced on July 7th, is subject to customary approvals and is expected to close in Q3. For more information, please refer to the InvenSense press release here.

Along with Movea, GrowthPoint has advised on several recent transactions in the Human-Computer Interface Technology (HCIT) space:

• NXP’s investment in Senseg
• Qualcomm’s acquisition of GestureTek

GrowthPoint is very active in the HCIT space, which is seeing increasing market interest as manufacturers of microprocessors, devices, and software seek to gain a competitive advantage in developing next-generation products through the acquisition of advanced technology companies.