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Avametric Acquisition by Gerber Technology

Tags: #Computer Vision/Lidar

Avametric is a  leading 3D & AR clothing simulation technology company

Menlo Park, CA – GrowthPoint is excited to announce that their client, Avametric, a  leading 3D & AR clothing simulation technology company, has been acquired by Gerber Technology, which is backed by AIP.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Avametric develops and enables retail/fashion brands to deliver highly accurate 3D renderings of their products on customizable avatars for e-commerce, fashion supply chain workflow and augmented reality (AR) applications. This move will position Gerber as the leader in 3D for the fashion and apparel industry.

“Avametric’s strengths and capabilities are the perfect complement to our fully integrated software portfolio. They have the industry’s best talent pool of scientists, designers and developers for 3D,” said Karsten Newbury, SVP and GM of Software at Gerber Technology. “Our team and many of our customers have already recognized that Avametric has the best fabric simulation engine in the industry and now we are able to connect consumer-facing virtual try-on software with our AccuMark and YuniquePLM® platforms to deliver an end-to-end workflow. This allows our customers to provide their consumers personalized products ‘on demand.’ The deal will also help us to continue to accelerate our 3D developments for our large user base globally – helping them to significantly increase speed and productivity of the creative and development process.”

“Consumers are looking to buy online, but they are still going into brick and mortar stores because they lack confidence in the fit they see virtually,” said Ari Bloom CEO, Avametric. “We believe a transformation is under way as consumers are adopting a virtual try-on experience that accurately portrays the fit they are looking for and our partnership with Gerber is helping us to bridge this confidence gap. Combined with the AccuMark suite and other Gerber products, we can now offer customers a personalized, on-demand shopping experience that significantly compresses the time to market. We are really excited about this opportunity to join an industry leader and make transformative changes.”

For further information, please see the press release.