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Roundup on Q4 2012 & some interesting M&A Deals

We hope you had a great 4th quarter and holiday break! We had a busy quarter at GrowthPoint, closing one M&A transaction, building up our video knowledge base, and adding a new wave of high quality clients (both domestic and international). We are looking forward to 2013 and we hope you have a wonderful year!

GrowthPoint advises SunPower, Inc on its sale to Ametek
Headquartered in Athens, OH, Sunpower, Inc designs and develops high-reliability cryocoolers and externally heated Stirling cycle engines. Sunpower’s cryocoolers can be used in cooling for sensors and detectors, while their efficient engines can be deployed in many types of combined heat and power systems (“CHP”), ranging from residential use cases to outer space applications! In CHP, the energy from burnt fuel is utilized twice: first, to generate electricity and then, with the exhaust heat, to heat hot water. This practical use of technology improves overall efficiency and reduces pollution, compared with internal combustion enginers. For more on what is cool about their technology, check out the Sunpower acquisition announcement.

Finally, a few interesting deals from last quarter, Q4 2012:

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