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Matthew Stern Promoted to Vice President


San Francisco, CA – Matthew Stern, previously a Senior Associate at GrowthPoint, has recently been promoted to Vice President.

Matt began his career at GrowthPoint in 2017 as an analyst after his undergraduate from USC. During his time here, Matt has grown into an irreplaceable asset to the GrowthPoint team through his tremendous hard work and dedication to both his peers and clients.

Matt has been involved with numerous transactions over the past few years, the most memorable being:
ShootProof – Matt’s first ever successful deal. It also paved his entry to the world of SaaS; where he now spends a majority of his concentration and has found passion for.
Immersive Technologies – An industrial technology deal where Matt took on a majority of responsibility for the first time. The acquisition also involved travel to Australia and broadened his scope to cross border opportunities.
RazorSync – This was the first field service management deal for GrowthPoint. The team’s success then accelerated a wave of field service deals.

“I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who has supported me throughout my 4+ years at GrowthPoint,” says Matt. “I enjoy coming to work each day and feel lucky to have found such a great company as my first job out of college. I’m excited for my new role as a VP and look forward to continuing working with our clients in the SaaS space as well as helping to lead and expand our work in the FinTech vertical.”

Congratulations Matt!

If you’d like to discuss strategic options for your business, please connect with Matt below or email here.