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Laurie Yoler to Take Role as SVP of Business Development at Qualcomm


The GrowthPoint team would like to congratulate Laurie Yoler, one of our Managing Directors, on her new role as SVP of Business Development at Qualcomm. Laurie will be transitioning from GrowthPoint to Qualcomm on March 11, 2013. The GrowthPoint team is sorry to see her leave, but we believe this is a great opportunity for Laurie to take a role that is well aligned with her skills and interests at such a fantastic technology company.

Laurie commented that: “GrowthPoint has been like a second family to me for the last few years and it is with some sadness that I will be leaving, but the Qualcomm position is a unique opportunity to pursue my passion for innovation across multiple technologies, industries and markets.”

John Savage, a founding partner at GrowthPoint commented, “We appreciate Laurie’s efforts over the last seven years and commend her leadership in several recent client successes, including the acquisition of ionGrid by NetApp. All of us will miss her but fortunately, the GrowthPoint team knows that we will continue to see Laurie in both professional and social settings in Silicon Valley technology circles. We sincerely wish her the best in her new position at Qualcomm.”

For additional details see the official Qualcomm announcement.