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Evri Announces Acquisition of Twine, Relaunches Consumer Site

Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA – Evri (, the search and discovery engine that filters the real-time web for news and conversations that matter and distills them into intelligent information streams, announced today the acquisition of Radar Networks including it’s flagship property, The acquisition of, which gives users a smarter way to share, organize and find information with people they trust, brings together the two key players in the semantic web space and creates the industry’s most comprehensive consumer semantic search & discovery company.

“Evri’s and Radar Network’s combined talent and complementary technologies bring the industry closer to delivering on the promise of a truly intelligent, timely and intuitive way of finding the news and content that matters most to people,” said Evri CEO Will Hunsinger. “With this acquisition, Evri takes a significant leap forward toward delivering on the consumer promise of semantic search technologies – more meaningful, relevant results filtered from the ever-growing and increasingly cluttered fire hose of content on the web.”

With Twine, Evri gains an experienced development team with proven momentum in semantic search and content discovery, accelerating its ability to help people discover relevant news and information before they even know to ask for it.

“Twine was developed to provide consumers with a smarter way to keep up with their interests, powered by the Semantic Web,” said Radar Networks CEO Nova Spivack. “I am confident that Evri’s strategic direction and approach will carry Twine’s vision forward.”

This acquisition falls in tandem with a re-launch of, incorporating a number of visual and technological updates designed to enhance the experience of discovery. With the introduction of a redesigned global navigation model and more intuitive ways to search, explore and filter the trending news and multi-media content of the web, Evri enables consumers to cut through the clutter and receive only content of interest to them.
“At Evri, we’re striving to deliver a search engine that proactively discovers the most interesting, popular and trending stories on the web, filtering out the clutter and delivering information to consumers in timely, relevant and intelligent streams,” said Mr. Hunsinger. “With the acquisition of Twine and the launch of our new consumer site, we’re making good on the intuitive discovery experience we envision for the Web.”

Updates and advancements will continue at throughout the spring and summer, including personalization features, social filtering, story clustering, enhanced popularity ranking and trend detection and advanced sentiment analysis.

Mr. Spivack will continue to be affiliated with Evri in an advisory capacity and the Radar Networks team will consolidate to Evri’s San Francisco offices.

Evri ( automates how content is understood, filtered and shared, inviting consumers to participate in the conversations that matter most to them. With over 2.5 million real-time topical streams across thousands of categories, Evri is rapidly improving consumers’ access to information on the topics they value most. Publishers large and small have installed Evri applications on their Websites, including some of the world’s most prestigious news organizations like Hearst Entertainment and the Times of London. Evri is based in Seattle, WA, and is funded by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital. Evri is a trademark of

Radar Networks is the company behind Twine, a new service for intelligently sharing, organizing, and finding information with people you trust. Radar Networks was founded in 2003 by Web visionary Nova Spivack, who co-founded numerous ventures including EarthWeb and Nova also advises clients, angel invests (most recently in and Live Matrix), and develops in his own new ventures through his intellectual property company, Lucid Ventures. Radar Networks is backed by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Fuse Capital, and DFJ, as well as leading angel investors, and is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information on Radar Networks and Twine, visit