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Our Selection of GrowthPoint – Bindiya Vakil, Resilinc Co-Founder/CEO

Tags: #2023 #Supply Chain

Bindiya Vakil, Resilinc Co-Founder/CEO, shares what differentiated GrowthPoint when it came to choosing an investment banker. Resilinc, with GrowthPoint engaged as its exclusive financial advisor, successfully completed its strategic growth investment initiative in May 2023 by partnering with Vista Equity Partners.

“Over the years, Resilinc’s had a lot of inbound interest from companies looking at potentially acquiring us. So, a few years ago, when we started to see a lot of interest coming in, we decided it was time to explore some of it. So, we talked to our board. Some of our board members had worked with GrowthPoint before as part of their previous other portfolio companies. And they came very highly recommended.

So, we talked to several potential bankers at the time. And for me, the team at GrowthPoint, Mike and Rishi, they really differentiated very heavily based on a very solid understanding of our technology, our market. They were so bought into the long-term potential value of Resilinc as well and we just connected with them.

You know, Mike, I felt articulated Resilinc better than I could have articulated Resilinc and some of the work Rishi was doing, even that early just during the selection process, was eye opening of how Resilinc could be looked at in terms of our fundamentals, etc. So, we felt we would learn from them throughout this process, but also, in them, we felt like we would have long term partners in helping us navigate these different options.”

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