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Key Takeaway: Leverage Your Community – Bindiya Vakil, Resilinc Co-Founder/CEO

Tags: #2023 #Supply Chain

Bindiya Vakil, Resilinc Co-Founder/CEO, shares advice on the importance of leveraging communities for support and guidance throughout all stages of business development. Resilinc, with GrowthPoint engaged as its exclusive financial advisor, successfully completed its strategic growth investment initiative in May 2023 by partnering with Vista Equity Partners.

“A lot of times entrepreneurs feel like they’re on this journey alone. And what I want to say is that you’re not. Over time, whether you know it or not, you have created a community of people around you who are here to help you. Obviously, the easy ones are your employees. But you also must think of your customers as part of this incredibly invested community because your customers have made bets on you.

They’ve bet their career on buying your software or a solution. They are invested in your success. They are your bankers. They are your board members, your angel investors. So, leverage them. Reach out when you’re struggling. Don’t be alone. Talk about the challenges you have, and you never know who might offer that one suggestion that you might need in order to help you in that moment.

I really feel that in the end it was my community that has helped me through these many years by making the right introductions, by giving me advice when I needed it and being transparent about my challenges was incredibly valuable. I felt sometimes that being vulnerable in that way might be viewed as a weakness. But when I did go in talking about some of the problems I was facing, I always felt that they were there to help.”

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