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In Deal Process

Decision to Engage an Advisor – Andy Anderson, WatchWire CEO

Tags: #2023 #data analytics #property technology

So, we were receiving a bunch of inbound interests. Unsolicited offers, different investment banks, different investors, VC growth, equity, etc., etc. It was a lot to wade through while also trying to run the business. So, we wanted to hire a buffer so we can forward it on to the GrowthPoint team who would advise us, buy us a little bit of time to get our materials together and get prepared.

Also, obviously, we don’t know what we don’t know from running a process. We’ve never really been through it before ourselves so hiring a bank like GrowthPoint to help advise us on how to maximize the value, how to optimize everything that we had going on was really helpful. I think we got beyond what the original projection was, so super transparent upfront, which is great, but we needed the help on running a real, official, efficient process and did not want to go it alone.

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