Unleashing Human Potential


Unleashing Human Potential

“The most exciting journey I will ever make is my personal journey into self-discovery”

Who Should attend:

People who wish to improve their performance and enhance their abilities.

People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired skill or understanding of their true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of their lives.

Prior Qualification:


Max No Delegates


One day workshop, with optional internet based assignments.



  • To expand awareness
  • To introduce the delegates to untapped or latent potential.
  • To enhance existing knowledge and skills thereby upgrading potential and quality of life.

Why this workshop?

There is a huge gap in the training industry.

Every year companies and individuals spend millions in time and money on training and although the knowledge and techniques work, the majority of participants reject most of the information, using only that which they feel comfortable with and often rejecting the most powerful aspects. Instead of applying the techniques and skills, people generally justify why this knowledge will not work in their particular circumstances.

This one day workshop bridges this gap!

“Unleashing Human Potential” was developed to awaken an awareness of why knowledge and potential is wasted and give the delegates insights and techniques that will empower then to work the skills they already have and are wasting or under-utilizing.

Everyone has latent potential that they are consciously unable to harness, but this is rectifiable. This potential can be harnessed and controlled.

In this dynamic workshop David Wyllie discusses, demonstrates and divulges the simple knowledge, disciplines and exercises that enable people to use far more of themselves than they are presently using.

Exceptional performance is attainable by anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility of being who they are capable of becoming.

Some of the material covered:

The common yardsticks used to determine human potential
I look into the real ‘Human Toolbox’
The hidden power of the brain and the energy of mind
Re- inventing our attitudes for dynamic achievement
Moving beyond the common social conditioning of mediocrity
Recognizing and moving beyond self-imposed limitations
Re-inventing the self to facilitate personal aspirations
Integrity, loyalty and dedication
Working with the Laws of Nature
The power of purpose

Creating an harmonious synergy between the aspirations of the individual with the creative energy of the Universe activates a synchronicity that allows all thing to be made possible!


“Know thyself”

Then all thing become possible!

This workshop entitles you to 150 credits towards

an accredited Growthpoint University Diploma.


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