Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential


“The most exciting journey I will ever make is my personal journey into self-discovery”

Who Should attend:

People who have a dream of being self-employed but for what ever reason have never quite made it happen.

People who have just started new businesses and would like to ensure that they have got everything in its right place to ensure lasting success.

Prior Qualification:


Max No Delegates


One day workshop, with optional internet based entrepreneurial coaching.



To ensure that the entrepreneurial skills required for the new business to succeed are developed by the person

About this workshop:

Business do not succeed or fail … people do!

Entrepreneurship has never been successfully taught at any formal educational institution anywhere in the world. WHY? The answer is actually simple; Employed Professors, lecturers and teachers in sheltered employment do not have the special mental qualities required to be self-employed, or they would be. They can teach planning, bookkeeping, business law etc. but they cannot teach ‘alchemy’ of taking a thought or business idea and making it into a sound, sustainable business, and it is this ‘hemispheric skill’ or lack thereof that is the downfall of almost all new business ventures.

According to international statistics, 80% of all new businesses cease to function within six months and out of the 20% that don’t only 20% last longer than two years. The failures are almost always dew to the failure of the founder to deal with all the unplanned things that need to be dealt with and the pressures and stress that these unforeseen things put on the individual.

Just having and working a good product or service is not sufficient to ensure good business success in a new venture. There are many other factors that come into play to ensure the on-going success of a business.

This workshop lays the foundation for the development of the entrepreneur as a prerequisite for the smooth, effective running of the business itself, as well as and the skills required for the hiring and development of all the people involved.

“Great goals and desires

develop great qualities and abilities

in all who have the courage to strive towards them”.

This workshop entitles you to 100 credits towards

an accredited Growthpoint University Diploma.


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