Unleashing Creative Sales Potential


“The most exciting journey I will ever make is my personal journey into self-discovery”

Who Should attend:

People who want to turn knowledge into Know-how and then working ability.

Anyone who is serious about proving to themselves that they have far more potential, skill and ability than they currently utilizing.

People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired skill or understanding of the true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of the lives.

Anyone in the process of preparation for, or going though, major change in any aspect of their life.

Prior Qualification:


Max No Delegates


One day workshops – with optional internet based follow-up and assignments



To create a sound foundation for the development of general sales skills including the psychology of the sale and exercises designed to enhance the development of the sales person to become equal to both the opportunity and the tack.

About this workshop:

Unleashing Creative Sales Potential

It is possible to harness the vast amounts of under utilized sales potential lying dormant in all of us.

This dynamic, informative and instructive one-day workshop is designed to enhance the existing skills in several important fields of sales:

An in-depth understanding of the psychology of the complete sales process.

A wide range of practical, basic and easily implementable subtle skills and techniques that can be applied during each step of the sales process.

The combining of verbal, body language, telekinetic and mental-magnetism skills that can be built into a well rounded presentation for maximum effectiveness.

Creating a logical, emotionally compelling sales presentation, built on a foundation of impeckable integrity with the clients best interests as the centre focus.

A series of simple exercises designed to enhance the psychological growth and development of the sales person to enable them to take maximum advantage of both their sales and employment opportunities.

This workshop creates an harmonious synergy between the aspirations of the individual with the creative energy of the Universe, activates a synchronicity that allows all things to be made possible!


” One good idea correctly implemented will enhance your closing rate by more than 20%”.

This workshop entitles you to 100 credits towards

an accredited Growthpoint University Diploma.


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