The You within You


“Man Know Thyself and Thou Shalt Know

The Universe and God”


Who Should attend:

People who know that one changed perception, one extra piece of self-knowledge of their true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of their lives.

People who want to turn knowledge into Know-how and then working ability.


To introduce the delegate to the hidden life manual that has been encoded in every aspect of who we are, while providing them with the tools to re-program their thinking and behavior for the attainment of their desires and goals.


About the ‘You within You’ workshop:

“Know thyself”

“Within us lies all the skill and ability to turn all our aspirations into reality,

we just have to learn to decode the information. “

Being human, we are a tool-box for the creation of infinite possibilities, with the ability to achieve all that we have the imagination to conceive and the courage to commit to. All we have to do is remember who we are and work our greatest possibilities.

Encoded into our DNA and every cell of our being is all the knowledge and latent potential to achieve all that we have the ability to imagine and the willingness to accept the responsibility of creating. All we have to do is devote our lives to understanding and working who we are.

All that stands between us and the fulfillment of our desires is our beliefs that have been indoctrinated into us by our social conditioning. Only self-knowledge can remove all the self-created obstacles that are perceived to be between us and all we have the courage to aspire to.

This workshop will put you on the road of self-discovery and make you completely re-think who you are and have the potential of becoming. It will inspire and motivate you to BE your greatest possibility.


“Discovering who we really are is the most liberating thing we will ever do”.


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