Self Actualisation.


“The most exciting journey I will ever make is my personal journey into self-discovery”

Who Should attend:

People at executive management level and owners of businesses who want to turn knowledge into Know-how and then working ability.

Anyone who is serious about proving to themselves that they have far more potential, skill and ability than they are currently utilizing.

People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired skill or understanding of the true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of their lives.

Prior Qualification:



Max No Delegates


One month; commencing with a residential four day workshop and ending with a residential three day workshop. Plus Optional one on one coaching.

Intensive Residential with real life work/home and internet based assignments.



To expose the participant to a real life, high pressure experience that will enhance and upgrade their belief and understanding of their own possibilities, while exposing them to a practical working knowledge of hitherto untapped talents and abilities, regardless of their current achievements.

About the TAG III Workshops

This workshop is never experienced the same way by any two participants. This is a dynamic adventure into self-discovery.

TAG III is designed to take you from where you are, your current perceptions, values, thinking, skills and ability, and allows you to make a quantum leap into vastly enhanced possibilities. It is a life enhancing experience!

Phase One: This phase is conducted over four days in a high pressure environment and is designed to stimulate the participants personal growth and ability to work effectively under pressure, while growing far beyond current stress levels.

To evaluate the relationship between the participants perceptions, thoughts and behavior against the reality of the outcome (cause and Effect) or quality of life and to allow for the remoulding of the appropriate value and habit base.

To turn theory and knowledge into know-how and proven, controlled and effective working ability.

The establishment of both personal and professional Master Mind groups.

Working assignments: The practical implementation of the results obtained in phase one into the reality of all aspects of everyday life.

To develop the habit of reinventing oneself and growing into the person capable of achieving their desired new circumstances and achievements.

Phase Two: This commences with teaching the participants total relaxation techniques; physically, mentally and emotionally. This allows for total de-stressing, enabling the participants to redirect all the energy that was hitherto consumed in the various forms of tension and stress.

The participants are then taught to focus and enhance his or her skill of concentration while developing the ability to consciously work with and control their alpha and theta brainwave energies.

While doing the above the participant is taught to re-develop and vastly expand the power of his/her creative imagination to find practical and often other than the obvious solutions to all the circumstances of their lives.

Some material covered includes:
Overcoming fear
Accurate thinking
Mastering self-doubt
The power or purpose
Using mental magnetism
Perceptions are not reality
Re-evaluating ones value base
Developing the art of creative visualization
Building greater possibilities, new dreams & goals
Developing the habit of on-going personal growth
Enhancing and focusing physical, mental, and emotional energy
Relaxation and the importance of de-stressing and mental cleansing

Creating an harmonious synergy between the aspirations of the individual with the creative energy of the Universe, activates a synchronicity that allows all things to be made possible!


“Great goals and desires

develop great qualities and abilities

in all who have the courage to strive towards them”.


This workshop entitles you to 250 credits towards
an accredited Growthpoint University Diploma.


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