Consciously Engaging Evolution


Exceptional  People Doing Extraordinary Things

Who Should Attend:

TAG is not for everyone, it is for people of courage who are prepared to let go of past perceptions and beliefs and reach for their greatest possibilities.

People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired skill or understanding of their true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of their lives.

People who are unafraid to experience  abilities hidden within their latent potential.

TAG is only for people who are willing to accept full responsibility for every aspect of their lives and achieve exceptional performance.

Prerequisite: Attendance to a TAG one day workshop

Duration: A month long process

Format: Residential

Max No Delegates: 8

Two three day residential workshops linked by practical assignments



The aim is for the student to consciously engage their evolution by moving through a process from ignorance to theory, to knowledge to know how, and finally to Being.

To integrate and apply the spiritual laws that governs the universe into all aspects of the business of life.

To expose the student of TAG consciousness to their natural untapped latent potential and steer them to experience their own ‘super’ natural abilities.

To increase creativity and enhance your imagination.

To re-examine the effects of their thinking, beliefs and behaviour including all social conditioning against the consequences of the unwavering law of cause and effect.

To re -evaluate their value base and develop the habitual thinking and behaviour that is consistent with the aspiration and goals of the students.

To teach the integration of relaxation and concentration skills and the conscious use of both Alpha and Theta brain wave activity.

TAG II is designed to take you from where you are, your current perceptions, values, thinking, skills and ability, and allows you make a quantum leap into vastly enhanced possibilities.

Book your place now and create the life your desire.


About the TAG II workshops

The power of concentration is the characteristic of genius. It consists in the ability to hold open a portal of communication to the Divine or Universal source of infinite knowledge and wisdom, facilitating the process of inspired thinking free of fear and self imposed limitation. Thus accessing deeper understanding of the potential of self. 

The foundation of TAG consciousness is focused, concentrated thought consistently reaching for the highest possibility of self, working in perfect harmony with the universal laws of creation.

This workshop is never experienced the same way by any two students or by students who have taken advantage of the opportunity to repeat this dynamic adventure into self-discovery.

Phase One of the workshop  is  a high pressure experience designed to ensure that the students have the ability to keep their head and stay focused on the given tasks while under pressure.

During this phase without judgement we examine and dissect all past and current perceptions, beliefs and actions in relation to the law of cause and effect.  Enabling the student to fully understand how and why current circumstances are as they are while exploring the growth and choices required for desired future possibilities and the action required for their attainment.

Field Assignments During the month between phase I and II assignments are set to ensure the integration of phase one into a natural workable lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of the students’life. During this period the student has access to advice and support from the TAG training team.

Phase Two Is about learning  to relax physically, mentally and emotionally enabling the student to redirect all their energy that was hitherto consumed in the various forms of tension and stress.

While doing the above the student is taught to re-develop the power of their creative imagination to find practical and often other than the obvious solutions to all the circumstances of their lives.

The students are then taught to focus and enhance their concentration skill while developing their ability to consciously work with their alpha and theta brainwave energies that are normally in dominance while we are sleeping and dreaming.

This process gives us natural access to what is normally only subconscious function. In this state it is estimated that we enhance the magnetic properties of thoughts by as  much as three hundred percent, thus activating synchronicity that allows all things to be made possible.


“In the Universal Sea of Infinite Possibilities

   The Only Limiting Factor is Self-Knowledge”


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