Mindset 2000+


A modular four workshop program

“The effective working of a few simple life principles will profoundly change the quality of your life”

Who Should attend:

Anyone who is serious about gaining some simple knowledge and working principles that will greatly enhance the effectiveness in every aspect of their lives.

People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired skill or understanding of their true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of the lives.

Anyone in the process of preparation for, or going though, major change in any aspect of their life.

Prior Qualification:



Max No Delegates


Two months – 4 x four hour workshop, bi-weekly.

Intensive Residential with real life work/home and internet based assignments.



To give the applicant a practical, in-depth understanding of four simple life principles what will vastly enhance both the effectiveness of performance and quality of life of the applicant.

About the “Mind-Set 2000+” workshops

These f0ur workshops are a modular system that has been based on the internationally famous TAG Concept of Exceptional Performance Education, without the intense pressure of the high intensity residential workshops. The series creates an excellent introduction to the full TAG Experience and is also a good reminder and follow-up for graduates.

The system works equally well in the corporate environment or in the delegates personal capacity.

Module One:


Purpose is the secret ingredient to a successful life. Without purpose life has no meaning! It is purpose that gets us out of bed in the morning; that empowers us to overcome what ever is placed in our path; that enriches our life with love and makes everything worth while.

We can’t live with out choosing! Choosing not to choose is still a choice; a choice based on a lack of willingness to accept responsibility and an uncertain picture of the outcome of the choice. A definite purpose makes choice easy and stress free.

Module Two:


Mind-Magnetics, the magnetic power of thought, is the energy behind the Law of Attraction.

We, whether we believe it of not, attract every circumstance of our lives to ourselves using the inherent magnetic energies of both thought and matter. Thought is the creative energy of our Universe; Our thought makes matter manifest as ‘our reality’.

We can choose the quality and wisdom of our thinking and we can also develop and enhance the power of our magnetic influence on and in every circumstance of our lives.

Module Three:


Synergy is synchronized energy, it is the power of least resistance in operation.

The Universe functions on the principle of least effort. Resistance requires effort! Effort is required when input (cause) is not comparable with the desired outcome (effect).

When purpose and outcome (cause and effect) are perfectly harmonized in perfect synergy, minimal effort is required for maximum results.

Module Four:


Passion the driving force behind creation. Passion gives velocity to thoughts and actions!

The secret to every great and successful endeavor of mankind has always been the passion of the individual.

To develop passion, we need clarity of purpose and an in-depth understanding that we have the power and ability to take control of our lives. We do this by gaining accurate knowledge of who we are, what we are actually capable of. This is the subtle information running between the lines that links these four workshops together.

When LOVE and PASSION are combined with PURPOSE and SYNERGISTICALLY harmonized with Universal law all things become possible.

“Great goals and desires

develop great qualities and abilities

in all who have the courage to strive towards them”.


NB. ‘MindSet 2000+’ is a program that is presented only on request. If you would like to place yourself on the waiting list for the next available workshop do so now (LINK)

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