Creative Sales

For Exceptional Sales Performance.


” Good Leaders are Master Sales People

Who Should attend:

People who need to inspire, motivate or educate others, irrespective of their product or service or job description.

Anyone who is serious about mastering the gentle art of persuasion or negotiation.

People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired communication skill will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of their lives.

Prior qualifications;



Maximum No Delegates

A desire to excel.

Four day workshop

Intensive Residential



The TAG Creative Sales residential program is aimed at growing you as a person while equipping you with the tools and skills to help people solve their problems; lead people to the fulfillment of their dreams and commit your clients / team / family to a program of action. It is true leadership!

About the ‘Creative Sales’ Workshop:

We are all sales people! We are all professional persuaders! Selling is the art of persuasion; it is required by every successful person, irrespective of who they are or the activity that they are engaged in. Selling is just as important in the boardroom, the classroom and the bedroom.

The obvious sales skill required in the broad concept of selling are:
Understanding the psychology of the sale.
Prospecting for and qualification of potential clients.
Getting and keeping the clients undivided attention.
Establishing the clients real and realistic requirements.
Structuring practical, informative and flexible presentations.
Changing perceptions and turning objections into benefits.
Closing the sale.
After sales follow-up and up-selling.
Maintaining good customer relations.

The less obvious skills:
Mental Preparation
Avoiding value based conflicts
Creating the correct level of control and authority

Unspoken communication:
Body language; eye contact; Energy Transference; Telepathy;
Becoming psychologically equal to both the tack and the opportunity.

This highly intensive workshop takes the participant systematically though the entire sale or negotiation starting with the psychology behind the process and ending with a winning outcome for all parties.


“Developing effective, creative communication skills in one of the most important things we will ever learn to do”.

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