Creative Sales I


Sales people are not born.
They are the product of ongoing and effective education.


Every year companies and individuals spend millions in time and money on sales training. The knowledge and techniques taught, work – yet the majority of participants reject most of the information, using only that, which they feel comfortable with, often rejecting the most powerful aspects. Instead of applying the techniques and skills, people generally justify why this knowledge will not sell their particular product or service.

The key to an ever expanding market, is each individual’s ability to continually sell solutions to their client’s specific needs, with integrity.

Selling skills are not only used by salesmen creating new markets and serving clients, but are continually used by management in negotiating and implementing new ideas, products and concepts, both internally and with potential clients.


Everybody has greater sales potential. This latent potential can be understood, developed and controlled. By utilizing the knowledge and skills you will acquire through the principles of TAG Consciousness, combined with these sales skills, courage and discipline, you will improve your sales performance.

Selling is many things.
It is teaching.
It is helping people solve their problems.
It is leading people to the fulfillment of their dreams.
It is committing our clients to a programme of action.

We all develop personalities and learn skills to help us sell. Our ability to use these skills effectively depends on our ability to remain in control during the sales process.This dynamic workshop is designed to also create an awareness of the techniques for psychological growth. This will help you remain in control and dramatically enhance the skills and techniques you already have, enabling you to use more of yourself. The qualities and abilities of the “Exceptional Sales Person” are attainable by everyone.


Workshop Objectives:
  • To expand the awareness of untapped or latent potential
  • To create a basic understanding of the psychology of selling
  • To create a foundation for the ongoing development of sales skills
  • To teach basic sales skills to sales and management staff
  • The applied psychology of communication
  • To enhance your abilities to use existing knowledge and skills
  • To increase your ability to earn


We will be masterminding around the following topics:
  • The basic psychology of selling
  • Preplanning the sale in your mind
  • Selling as a management tool
  • Developing new markets
  • Turning objections into cash
  • Staying ahead in an ever changing dynamic market
  • The power of our mental attitude
  • Enhancing your self image
  • Salespeople are not born, they are the product of ongoing and effective education
  • Understanding and using the law of cause and effect
  • Selling with integrity
  • Using Mind-Magnetics to enhance your telekinetic and magnetic communication and ensure that your body language compliments your presentation
  • Controlling and overcoming fears related to selling
  • Developing a greater awareness for your negotiating base
  • Discipline and courage as prerequisites to creative selling
  • Staying ahead through change
  • The psychology behind the closing process
  • Expanding self awareness
  • Honesty, Loyalty and Dedication



One good idea well worked will enhance your closing rate by more than 20%!

This is a 5 day compulsory residential intensive workshop.

Registration is at 09h00 and workshop starts promptly
at 09h30 on day 1 and ends at 18h00 on day 3.
(No late comers will be accommodated)
Maximum No. of delegates: 20

This workshop entitles you to 250 credits towards
an accredited Growthpoint University Diploma.


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