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Established in Durban, South Africa in 1974 by David Pickard Wyllie; it was originally known as the Success Acceleration Institute and Human Resourses Development; it was changed in 1976 to TAG Training. TAG Training has become the world leader in exceptional performance education, personal and entrepreneurial development. TAG is an acronym for Think, Act & Grow.

TAG Consciousness: (The concept)

TAG Consciousness is a continually evolving educational process. It is not a series of workshops … it is a way of life!

 “All human conditions and circumstances, irrespective of their nature, are the results of thinking. Thinking can be changed.”

Sickness or health; poverty or wealth; failure or success; are the by-products of consciousness or thoughts. Our thoughts are perfected by daily practice and validated by the experiences they create. Everything is changeable!

Our brain never sleeps, 24/7 it is working for us doing exactly what we instruct it to do; although, often the instructions are unconsciously given. Twenty five times a second, from birth to death our brain is involved in the creation of everything that we call life. We can never switch it off.

TAG Consciousness is about understanding and mastering the control of this natural process; becoming conscious creators.

What most people never get to understand is that we are always in control of what our brain is helping us create whether we are aware of the process or not. What we choose to do with the energy we call thought is the key to controlling every aspect of our lives.

We can, if we wish to, unthinkingly choose to surrender to social conditioning, indoctrination and conformity or we can choose to use the same energy to optimise the unique value of the possibilities of our DNA. We can never do nothing!

TAG Consciousness is about putting our amazing natural resource and tools to work by understanding and experiencing the effects of every thought on the natural Law of Cause and Effect; how these thoughts become actions and these actions translate into growth or psychological development.

When the limitless possibilities of being Human are worked correctly and in harmony with Natural Law all thing that are Imaginable become possible.

TAG Consciousness cannot be taught academically or theoretically it has to be experienced or become know-how in order that the concepts may be truly understood and proven by actual results in everyday life. Everyone who has the courage to practice the process will validate its truth irrespective of previously held beliefs. Like gravity, you don’t have to believe in it; it just is! “When we are doing what works life is effortless.”


TAG the Toolbox

Theory can be gleaned from books; ability must be experienced. Living TAG Consciousness turns theory into practical ability.  The principles of creation are as old as creation itself. They are not man made. Life is the manifestation of principles worked.

The human Brain has both the capacity and ability to facilitate possibilities that exceeds anything we can imagine; the history of the super achievers of each generation is testimony to this.

The students of TAG Consciousness learn to optimize the use of their natural tool box through experience.

All of us have all the tools we require to fulfil our dreams and aspirations and satisfy the unique requirements and possibilities of our DNA. We have all the tools and can learn to optimize their use. We are meant to fulfil the possibilities of our latent potential.

Practicing TAG Consciousness means spending time living principles; perfecting the use of our brains; the energies of mind and all our other natural resources available to us, doing what works in the most energy efficient way!

All TAG Workshops are principle based and custom made for the particular group of delegates in attendance.


TAG in my personal life

“Latent potential is revealed to us as we prove our willingness to accept the responsibility that goes with using it.”

We all have unlimited latent potential, and we all have perceptions of who we are. These perceptions influence everything we think, do and therefore become. With different perceptions we would be making different choices, activating different potentials and getting vastly different results.

We gain theory by watching, listening and reading. We learn by experience; these experiences are determined by our thinking. Almost all our thoughts are the result of media propaganda, social conditioning, peer group pressure and cultural and religious indoctrination.

If this input had been different we would not be who we currently perceive ourselves to be. Our perception of reality would be different; and so would our lives. Life is about my input not my reaction.

TAG Workshops are experiential, allowing us to understand the effects of our past and current thinking on our lives while allowing us to experience other possibilities and reality test the relationship between our thoughts, actions and outcomes. In so doing we enhance our control over every aspect of our lives.


TAG in Business

Business is as much about instinct and intuition as it is about logic, education and business acumen.  “It takes great people to do great things.”

We can never perform at a level beyond who we are allowing ourselves to be. TAG Consciousness effectively enhances the self-knowledge and ability of the individual thereby up-grading each individual’s effective contribution to the team.

To maximize effectiveness TAG Consciousness must start at the top and filter all the way down to the shop floor forming a like-minded team of effective individuals with a common philosophy and a clear understanding of the value and necessity of each individual’s role and responsibility in the outstanding achievement of the TAG Team.

TAG in Sport

Sport, like all things, is all in the mind. The difference between mediocrity and world class is in the control of the mental energy far more that the physical body.

TAG has been part of the training and preparation for numerous national and international sports people.


TAG in Health

Today, even the medical profession agree that both sickness and health are for more influenced by thoughts and attitudes than by anything else. The placebo effect is well documented. The mind will make the body manifest that which it believes to be true.

Every cell in the body is controlled by a program in the responsible gene; this program is created in the energy of thought. All that happens in the body is the product of thinking. Thinking can be changed.


TAG: Growing beyond stress

Stress is subjective, and it is directly proportional to the physiological size of the individual. Stress can be managed, but it can also be outgrown. TAG helps people out perform past possibilities, therefore TAG allows people to outgrow stress.


TAG: An end to addiction

Addiction always has its roots in escapism. Enhanced self- knowledge changes our relationship with everything, helping us change our relationship with the roots of our addictions.

TAG students learn to master the control of their Alpha/ Theta brainwave thinking, this gives them the tools they require to overcome addiction.


TAG and Terminally ill people

Many terminally ill people have found relief and even permanent cure by implementing the concepts and principles taught at TAG.

There is one free seat available on every TAG(II) Intensive workshop for terminally ill people.  (Enquire here)

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