IOLOGY Institute

The objective:

IOLOGY is the process of research into the possibilities of human potential and develop the ongoing results into a teachable scientific and philosophical system of instruction for the enlightenment of humanity.

The IOLOGY research became the foundation of the now internationally famous TAG Concept of Exceptional Performance Education and the numerous workshops and seminars that have been developed around its simple principles. Both IOLOGY and TAG have been incorporated into the unique entrepreneurial development courses presented by Growthpoint University.

IOLOGY eCourse

This course in IOLOGY is the most up to date, practical, common sense process of discovering your unique talents and abilities as well as the latent powers of your sub-conscious and super-conscious, and the practical integration of this self-knowledge into your every day life.

Starting from the point you are at now, your IOLOGY assignments will lead you through the process of unravelling the mysteries of your personal mission or purpose, enabling you to dramatically enhance the quality of your life, your social interaction skills, and your potential to acquire and manage all the personal power and wealth you desire.

On a personal and professional level you will be guided through the everyday processes of self-discovery; self management; interactive and persuasive skills; time management; goal setting; exceptional performance development; wealth creation; asset management, and many other skills.

“Iology is a journey into self-discovery that will never end”