TAG-REIKI – Level I and II


TAG-REIKI – Level I and II


“The effective use of Natural Law and Universal energy is one of the most powerful tools we will ever develop.”

David Pickard Wyllie

Who Should attend:

Students of TAG Consciousness who who have completed TAG II and with to enhance their use and control of the Universal Energy that they started using on phase two. Those seeking a pathway to Healing, a closer connection to Spirit and Life’s Limitless energy.

Prior Qualification:


Max No Delegates


Two day residential workshops.



To enhance the use and control of all the Universal Energies in all aspects of life by raising the frequency of ones natural energy levels. Including Goal setting; and traditional Reiki energy balancing and healing (Both remote and contact)

About the TAG-REIKI Workshop

Level I and II


TAG-REIKI is a combination of TAG Consciousness; Japanese Reiki techniques Usui / Tibetan and Western Reiki developed by Reiki Masters Christine Randabel Wyllie  and David Pickard Wyllie.

In this two day residential workshop Christine and David integrate the TAG Consciousness thinking skills with the Universal Energy work of three traditional styles of Reiki hereby enhancing the students ability to channel and direct the flow and use of the energies across a much broader spectrum of possibilities incorporating all aspects of life, from business to sport to stress reduction and healing.


The history of Reiki  – What is Reiki – The Reiki principles

Reiki hand positions and complete treatment for self and others

The three pillars of Reiki – scanning – Kenyoku

The three level II Reiki symbols, how to use them.

Distance healing – Beaming – Chakra clearing and balancing

Cleansing and creating a sacred space

Working with your spirit guides

How to heal unwanted habits

Japanese techniques: Koki-ho, Gyoshi-ho, Jacki-Kiri Jaka-ho, Joshin Kokuu-ho, Ketsui Kokan

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Life is always the perfect outcome of my input whether conscious or unconscious.

David Pickard Wyllie


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