TAG-Advanced Reiki Training (ART)



Advanced Reiki Training


Exploring the Unknowable

Who Should attend:

Those who  feel ready to explore further applications of life force energy and learn to direct this energy for the greater good of all.  The ART workshop is a prerequisite for the Usui Tibetan Reiki Masters.

Prior Qualification:


Max No Delegates

TAG-REIKI Level I and II

A two day non residential workshop


About The TAG-ART (Advanced Reiki Training)

The combination of TAG with the ART workshop brings about clarification of life purpose, introduces  the use of ancient meditation symbols used in Tibet and China for thousands of years as a tool to amplify, deepens and focusses the energy.

ART Course Outline

The Usui Reiki Master Symbol which strengthens your Reiki energy
Effective techniques of recognising and resolving life lessons
The use of crystals and stones with Reiki
How to make a Reiki grid with crystals
Psychic surgery / Aura clearing
Reiki meditation to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness



“The Universe delights in supporting our chosen life purpose”

David Pickard Wyllie


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