TAG-Reiki (Concept)



“Energy is useful only if you can direct it the way you want.

That is when a human being transforms into a spiritual possibility”



TAG-REIKI was founded in 2014 by Reiki Masters Christine Randabel Wyllie  and David Pickard Wyllie.

The TAG-REIKI workshops are a marriage of two different well proven approaches to the channelling and use of Universal Life Force Energies.

Christine has been practicing and teaching Reiki since 2005, she is a certified Life Coach and the founder of Touch the Soul 

Since 1974 David has been teaching the use of Meditation, thought control and the body’s natural life energy across a broad spectrum of uses. These include; physical, mental and emotional relaxation techniques; de-stressing; mental programming; remote viewing and remote healing. The process has become known as TAG-Consciousness.

In 2013 David and Christine agreed to swap knowledge and skills and soon realized that combining these disciplines would open up a whole new set of possibilities for students of both disciplines and TAG-REIKI was born.

The Japanese word Reiki can be literally translated to mean: “Universally guided Energy or Life Force” The word Rei means soul or spirit which is universal, meaning it is present everywhere and Ki refers to the life force or Energy that flows through all things.

The word Reiki can easily be replaced by: Life or Love according to Christine and is almost impossible to define, it simply has to be experienced. One of the most apt descriptions of a Reiki session came from a client who did not have prior experience of Reiki: “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to massage my soul?”

Reiki can be applied to all aspects of life, although generally the world over, Reiki is known as gentle hands on energy therapy that restores harmony on all levels physical, mental and spiritual and is mostly used as a healing modality for people, plants and animals. Reiki’s application is limitless as everything that exists is energy vibrating at various frequencies.

We are all healers, the memory of this lies within our soul and everyone can learn Reiki irrespective of race creed and level of education. Reiki is something that is available to all just as the air we breath.  Read more…

William Lee Rand one of Christine’s Reiki teachers is the founder and director of the Centre for Reiki Training www.reiki.org and the Centre for Reiki Research www.centerforreikiresearch.org these two websites offer a wealth of well documented articles as well as scientific awareness of Reiki. He published a paper on Reiki in Hospitals, read more . . .

“Science has proven that everything that exists is energy  vibrating at a specific frequency, making perfect sense of addressing life from an energy perspective.”

Christine Randabel Wyllie