Re-Inventing Me


We must dare to invent our future

This Workshop is a practical foundation for an amazingly

successful and fulfilling life in a fast changing world.

The old ways cannot work in the new world… 

Gain an in depth understanding of the one thing that you can change 

that will give you the freedom to create the life you aspire to. 

About the Workshop:

Change is the one constant in the Universe, staying ahead of change is the first priority choice that every successful individual, business and society has to make in order to be able to thrive. Yet we have been conditioned to resist change with every ounce of our being.

Every new product invention and movement in consciousness is a catalyst for change. The impact of this change is manifested in every aspect of our lives, our business and the magnificent planet we call home.

The stress that it creates for all of us and the pressure that it puts on our cherished beliefs, business models and economic structures is without precedent.

Everything is, and always has been in a permanent state of evolution. History has taught us that things become extinct because of their reluctance or inability to change and re-invent themselves.


To acquire tools to overcome resistance to change – Find excitement in the unknown – Let go of the past – Redefine what success means to you – Re-Invent YOU to create a sustainable successful and affluent future – And so much more…


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

George Addair


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