People Proofing Your Business

 Are Your Employees Your Greatest Asset or Your Encumbrance?

There is a better way

The philosophy of entitlement is destroying employment for the very people it is designed to help. The time has come for you the owners of businesses to redefine your values and reclaim ownership of your business, or face the consequences of subsidising incompetence and non-performance.

In the end the application of your vision and the success of your business rest in the hands of the people you employ. 

 Can they see the picture?

Is your Business a dynamic profit generating entity?

Do your employees understand the concept of how profit is generated?

Do you employ people willing to assume responsibility for themselves and their actions?

Since 1974 David has ignored political correctness and kept the focus of his entrepreneurial clients and their staff, on practical, common sense principles, that creates exceptional people, generating fair profit with opportunities for growth for everyone.

This no nonsense approach uproots mediocrity and the doctrine of entitlement, while educating everyone on the team into one common philosophy of exceptional performance from the business owner to the shop floor.

The workshop takes an in-depth look at the possibilities with actual examples of implementation, along with the thinking and principles that make it possible.

  • Re thinking recruitment standards and strategies
  • Shifting the emphasis and priorities on education

In order to:

  • Reduce staff complement
  • Raise productivity
  • Improve standards
  • Increase profitability
  • Create a harmonious team of accountable, self-motivated, action oriented people working towards a common vision.

The workshop is limited to 18 applicants to afford individual attention to participants.


Exceptional Performance Can Be A Working Reality