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Life is about self-sufficiency:

Not sheltered empolyment and collective co-dependence.

If you have always dreamed of being self-employed but for what ever reason you have not yet made the journey you are at the right place. If you have a dream to be self-employed and the courage to explore this possibility and are more interested in gaining the life skill to become self-sufficient and financially independent than just having another certificate to hang on your wall, keep going.

The word education means growth from within though repetitive use.

Entrepreneurs are by their very nature, courageous nonconformists, willing to explore every possibility that confronts them; they have the skill and insight to create opportunities where other people only see problems. They are driven by passion and the limitless imagination of the child within. They have the courage and willingness to accept responsibility for their self-sufficiency and affluence. They understand and live by the natural laws of creation and know that they are the only person who is responsible for the outcome of their actions.

It is an interesting fact that most of the world’s leading entrepreneurs tend to be school dropouts who just happen to employ most of the world’s “educated” people. People who for some reason lack what it takes to accept the final responsibility of being an entrepreneur.

Little or no time is spent teaching Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects or any of the other professions how to become successfully self-employed. Even the most coveted MBA’s tend to create executives for the companies that sponsor them, rather than entrepreneurs.

Growthpoint University is not in competition with other educational institutions. We are not trying to be the biggest and we have no need to be academically recognized. We are the place where exceptional self-sufficient people who wish to develop or polish their entrepreneurial nature come to gain the life skills required to fulfill their lives.

The internationally famous TAG Concept of Exceptional Performance Education is the foundation on which all the Growthpoint University Entrepreneurial qualifications are based. All the courses and intensive workshops have been developed and are conducted by highly skilled entrepreneurs. The entire educational base is practical and experiential and is driven by your personal aspirations and goals. You will be required to build a business that works and is extremely profitable, as the foundation of this process.

What is the well-guarded secret of the entrepreneur?


“The ability to take the raw energy of thought and create tradable value in the form of products and services.”

To start a business all you need is a sound idea and the courage to turn that dream into a reality.

Being successfully self-employed is easy and fun. It takes the correct habits, a greater level of commitment, and the acceptance of the final responsibility. It is the place where the buck stops! It is also the place where the most money is made, and fun is had. When you have got it right it is without doubt the greatest way to earn a living and make a meaningful difference to the world. Contrary to general opinion it is the only real security in the market place. You do not need lots of money to start a very successful business, and it has nothing to do with luck! You do not necessarily have to have fancy qualifications behind you, – and when you need them they are always employable.

You do not have to be a certain age, sex, race or social standing, nor do you have to have been to the right school. Most of the worlds greatest entrepreneurs started with it all “wrong”.

Do you have courage?

Do you have an imagination?

Do you have persistence?

Do you have integrity?

Do you have a strong sense of responsibility?

Do you have ambition?

Do you have the courage to be a nonconformist?

Do you want to be independent?

Are you willing to start at the bottom of your own ladder of success?

Are you willing to make a total commitment to yourself?

Are you willing to serve better than anyone else?

Are you willing to never stop learning?

Do you have a burning desire to be self-employed?

If the answer to most of these questions is YES, then you already have half the qualification you need. The rest you can be taught!

What do you expect from this qualification? Do you want a theoretical qualification or do you want to build a business that works?

To complete the diploma you will be expected to have created a real business, serving real customers that earns you an above average income.


The will to be extraordinarily successful!

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