Meet David


“There is a sacred place in the mind of man where there are no limitations… it is the place where the seeds of all possibilities are born. My soul purpose is to help the courageous rediscover this place in themselves”

David Pickard Wyllie

In contrast to his challenging beginnings; the Chinese call me the bearer of great profit and wealth.

Born in 1945 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa David spent his early years in a sub-economic housing estate and was faced with the challenges that came with having just one functional ear and a multitude of other learning disabilities. From a very young age he realised that life gives us two choices to succumb or overcome.

David’s entrepreneurial flare started as a young boy. By the age of ten he had his own succulent and cacti nursery; by the time he was thirteen he was an accomplished double bass player with his own dance/jazz band.

A young man with a very active sense of adventure, he was taken under the wings of and mentored by Ernie Pearce (South African Marathon Kayaking Champion) and Dr. Ian Player (Natal Parks Board) co- founders of the world famous Duzi Canoe Marathon.

By the time he was in his early twenties David had become the first person to canoe both the Tugela river, South Africa and the Fish River Canyon, Namibia and had completed the Duzi Canoe Marathon and run the Comrades Marathon in under nine hours.

In 1966 David joined the South African Police force where he was seconded to the Intelligence Service. David underwent intensive training in heightened intuition, awareness and observation skill and put through Special Military Training. 

In 1971 David joined one of America’s International direct sales companies and within two years was a trainer on their international sales training and developmental team. In 1972 David qualified as a sales trainer with “The Sales Dynamic International” in the USA. In 1973 David qualified as an Instructor General in Switzerland with Leadership Dynamics International, this qualification included the following modules: Personal and executive coaching, advanced leadership training, mentoring and transpersonal  group work facilitation. 

In 1974 David founded both the SUCCESS ACCELERATION INSTITUTE and the IOLOGY INSTITUTE in Durban, South Africa which evolved into TAG TRAINING INTERNATIONAL, to market the now world renowned TAG CONCEPT OF EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE EDUCATION also known as TAG CONSCIOUSNESS.

After working the international circuit for many years ( The Americas; United Kingdom; Ireland; Malaysia; the Pacific Rim and Sub Saharan Africa) David has earned the reputation of being a world leader in exceptional performance and entrepreneurial education and development.

Internationally his impact has been phenomenal; he conducts incredibly effective high intensity training workshops for all segments of commerce, industry and the professions. As a guest speaker he is controversial, thought provoking and highly entertaining. He is also a professional consultant and advisor to many highly placed executives and entrepreneurs. 

David is world renowned for his ability to inspire a total concept of affluence in almost everyone who embrace and practice his simple, practical methods of enhancing their natural abilities and marry them with simple business and life uncommon sense.

David is a healer of perception, his teaching encompasses every aspect of what he calls the business of life, whether it is your health, wealth or relationship that is of concern the universal laws applies.

David’s teachings are based on his life experiences. He firmly believes that successful people are people who are firstly true to themselves, then systematically and methodically make their dreams come true by merging their desires with accurate self-knowledge and uncommon sense in perfect harmony with Natural Universal Laws.

David’s simple philosophy is that wealth is created by enriching others. His simple guaranteed millionaire plan has been underwritten by major investment companies. Since 1974 David has been instrumental in improving the Quality of People’s Lives Profoundly. During this period, as a training and financial consultant, he has pioneered some of the most effective and unique development training available. Thousands of people are, at this very moment profitably using techniques researched, developed and taught by him.