Meet Christine

Christine Randabel Wyllie 

I am Christine Wyllie, my mission is to embody wholeness, to live a life filled with love, excitement and wonder; to leave the world a better place because I fulfilled my purpose and inspired others to do the same.

I am a Life Coach, a holistic practitioner combining the TAG principles with my practice of Reiki, Shamanism and Spiritual healing. I am not the healer; I am the silent witness to your miracle. My purpose is to help you remember who you really are. I am here to remind you of the depth of your own innate abilities; to put you in touch with your inner healer, to empower you to actively engage life and explore the freedom of individuality.

I consider myself a Romantic according to the South African poet Stephen Watson’s definition: “It was and is, rather, one expression of a perennial human tendency to protest against that which would confine and otherwise mutilate what used to be called the human soul. He tells us that to be a romantic is not only to be someone who expects adventure around every corner, but who is capable of placing oneself in that long Romantic tradition of protest against a heartless world”

When I see the perfection and the beauty of myself and of all human beings, I realise that there is a need to spread the skills required to live in a world beyond fear and suffering; to become a teacher of the art of living from the heart and touch the soul of those who are willing to awaken to their magnificence.

In my quest for meaning I came across Reiki in 2002. When I experienced Reiki for the first time I was awed by the sense of peace that followed my Reiki session and went back for regular sessions not believing that it was something available to me. A while later I finally accepted that I too could practice Reiki and embarked on a beautiful adventure opening myself to change and discovery. A soulful journey home; falling in love with life as I remembered whom I truly am.

Reiki brought healing and meaning to my life. The gift of Reiki to me is being able to see the beauty in each and every one of us and feel our interconnectedness.

Reiki, a Japanese word meaning Universal life force energy is a pragmatic tool that conveys purpose and meaning to the mystery of life. From various readings I gather that once upon a time Reiki was something that was common knowledge and over time got lost, and now is finding it’s way back, perhaps simply because our planet is in need of healing. Or maybe as Ian Mc Callum says: “When we lose touch with our soul, we become homesick”

I teach and practice Reiki, I am an independent Reiki Master. I follow the curriculum set out by the International Center for Reiki Training and adhere to their code of ethics and philosophy.  In 2015 my husband David Pickard Wyllie and I founded the TAG-REIKI Institute; combining the mastery of universal life force with the TAG (Think Act Grow) principles into an Adventure in Higher Learning and Mastery.

I have an accounting background; my most challenging and most inspiring job has been raising my now two adult sons. They have been and remain my greatest teachers, teaching me to love. Having been someone’s daughter, someone’s wife and someone’s mother for forty four years, I realised I needed to take time off to reconnect with who I am.

Following my passion for healing my journey took me to Peru learning from various shamans of the Amazon and the Andes.  I spent months in Abadiannia at the Casa Dom Inacio the spiritual hospital of John of God, where I obtained permission to bring back a Crystal bed to facilitate Crystal Light Therapy in South Africa. It is real a privilege to be the caretaker of such an amazing healing device. At the prompting of my clients and with the permission of the medium John of God I now accompany small groups on guided healing journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio. 

I thank God for my adventurous soul, my sense of humour and candid outlook, and for the challenges that help me evolve, and most of all for the gift of life and the joy of being of service to those who find their way to me and help me live my purpose.