Your World is a Mirror

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Your World is a Mirror

I once read a line which went “Life is dull only to dull people.” The author could also have written, “Life is interesting only to interesting people: life is successful only to successful people,” or, “Life is a joy only to joyful people.”Have you ever thought much about the fact that our lives reflect back to us the true picture of ourselves? Well, that’s the way it works.

When we understand this, we can make the necessary adjustments within ourselves, knowing full well that our world will show us a changing reflection to the exact degree of our own change.

When you’re happy with your world it’s a sign that you are a happy person. There are going to be bad times, of course; they’re a part of living. But they’re not nearly as bad, nor as frequent, for the person with a healthy mind and attitude toward his life and the world in general. People who find themselves bored most of the time, should recognize that this is a sign that they themselves are bores and should do something to change – find something interesting to do – get busy. And as the boredom leaves them, the boredom will also leave their world.

The trick is in understanding that we must first become that which we seek. Before metal can be formed into a particular shape, the mold, or stamp must be fashioned. Before a building can go up, the foundation must be formed, and before a person can know the kind of life he wants, he must first become that kind of person. He is charged with the cause; the effect will take care of itself, and it never fails to occur. Everything operates on the law of cause and effect: good cause, good effect; bad cause, bad effect. That’s why it’s true that life is dull only to dull people. The effect can only mirror the cause.

It’s amazing how few people really understand this simple rule, this law of nature, and who go through life frustrated, bored, or unhappy without understanding that life can only react to their cause. Each of our worlds is a looking glass in which our true self is mirrored. If we don’t like the reflection we have to understand that it cannot change until we do.

A person will say: “But that’s the way I am, I can’t help it, and I can’t do anything about it.” Nonsense! We can change; we can form new habits and, according to the experts, the best way to begin is to act like the person you would like to be. Begin to play a part and actually act out the part of the person you want to become. Actions trigger feelings, just as feelings trigger actions. When you act a certain way long enough you will finally form the habit of being that kind of person, and when this has been accomplished the things that person would have will come to you. This is the way a wise person shapes his world, just as a potter shapes clay, and builds it into the kind of life he most enjoys. It isn’t easy. It takes time and perseverance – but because it’s the only life we’ve got, it’s certainly worth it.

If you like your world, fine. You’re to be congratulated; you’re an expert on living; you’re a happy and interesting person. If you don’t like your world, change into the kind of person you would really like to be, and your world will change with you.

Think About It:

“Life is not about where we start.
It is, however, about what we do with who we are.”

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