The Unemployable Mass

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Are the vast majority of people in the world actually an unemployable mass with absolutely no concept of the principle that it is the value of their service delivered, not their need to sustain themselves, or their illustrious qualifications that determines their employability and market value? Daily, I hear people airing their views on the cause of poverty and it appears to me that their ideas for the eradication thereof stems from their misguided guilty consciences and a lack of understanding of the law of cause and effect. These ideas usually have something to do with the redistribution of resources from the haves to the have nots. A concept that in reality is as ridiculous as believing that my health can be redistributed amongst the sick to create health for all. Life is a personal responsibility! It is not only because people are unschooled that they are largely unemployable, many highly qualified people foolishly believe that because they have strings of degrees that the world owes them a living. While their qualifications often hold them in good stead in the academic community they are generally of little value in commerce and industry at large. It’s not qualifications that make us employable; it is the value that others put on our ability to deliver what we are being hired to do. Popular politics is telling people that they all have a right to employment, access to unearned money, housing, schooling etc. How? Is this money just supposed to fall from the sky? I am amazed by how few people including the very well schooled, have absolutely no concept of the principle of money and the root of the creation thereof.

Where is the root of the problem? At home; it starts with parenting. If children are not brought up making a valid contribution to the business of family life they grow up believing that they have a right to be fed, clothed, sheltered, schooled and unconditionally loved without any idea that everything including love and respect actually have to be earned. Not to mention the too often handed down perception that work is an ‘evil’ that stands in the way of happiness and pleasure. Sadly this becomes the foundation of their beliefs and character.

We are sent to schools where less that 50% is an acceptable pass rate. These schools are ‘safe places’ where we are taught theory about historical points of view. Remember future possibilities are not ‘scientific facts’ and hindsight is an accurate science, except that even hindsight tends to look at life from the sponsors point of view. Truth out of context is a lie!

Some of us go on to  graduate with ‘qualifications’ that have never taught us that to be able to serve is a privilege that must be earned every day; or what it takes to get and keep a job, and how to establish a successful business of our own or how to trade value. It is time to rethink both the contribution and value of the current schooling system and who we are allowing to educate the next generation.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing teachers out there, inspiring some of us to be the difference we would like to see in the world, but like all professions there are not enough good ones to go around.

Every job or business opportunity is a successfully worked solution to a perceived or real problem. And, contrary to popular beliefs, companies are not in the business of creating sheltered employment. People have the privilege of employment because they have the ability and skills to help in the creation of products and services that solve customers’ problems. We all have a responsibility to deliver value to a willing client. No value, client will give their business to someone else.

The market place is being flooded with people, some well qualified … most not, who believe that the world owes them a living, and that Government must support them because they are unwilling to make themselves employable.

Money the principle must not be confused with currency the parable. Money is energy in motion, it’s both a harvest and a privilege, not a right; It is the convenient harvest that we receive in the principle of dynamic exchange, one of the Laws of the Universe. It is the convenient replacement for goods or services that are willingly swapped in the barter system. It is the harvest attained by our execution of our privilege to be of service. We get paid by willing customers for both the quality and quantity of the products or services we provide. Political expedience that tampers with this law, no matter how well intended, is a recipe for disaster.
All people regardless of whom or where they are, have the opportunity to serve and to barter there services. The amount of currency in circulation actually has very little to do with our ability to be of service and in reality the more problems a community have the more opportunity there is.

We are led to believe that money is a finite resource and that we are all competing for a share … that the accumulation of money in the hands of a few people is the reason for the poverty of the many. This is just a popular misconception.

Money is energy … only when it is in circulation does it have actual value. It will always find its way out of the hands of the consumers and return as remuneration to the producers. Wealth is not the accumulation of currency; it is the creation of surplus in every aspect of life. We can be wealthy alone; content in our self satisfaction, with no interaction with others and / or we can chose to trade our skills and abilities within the context of the principle of dynamic exchange. If we want what others have we will eventually be expected to provide value for the exchange. It is actually possible, although a little inconvenient, to live and prosper outside of the currency system.

Humans, like all other living spices, are not created equal we are created uniquely differently by the very nature of our DNA and the degree of our spiritual evolution. It is within this uniqueness that we actually find our greatest opportunity to serve and the fulfilment of our Soul purpose. 

Universal Law, unlike man made law, treats all living things the same. There are no favours, no privileged few and no exceptions. We all have the same access to the law which is an ingenious self-policing system that is absolutely just. We all live in a perfect world! The perfect manifestation of our application of Cause and Effect! True wealth is the natural consequence of our correct implementation of natural law and the value others place on the services that we provide.

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May common sense prevail
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