The Power of Hind Sight

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The Power of Hindsight

As we have grown up and gained more life experience most of us have found that it is very easy to have a degree of wisdom after the event.

How often have we said, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that. I thought this would not work.” Why is it that we hear our intuition talking to us and choose to ignore it?” Maybe its because we have been “educated” and education tends to “put down” all the incredible natural tools. (By the way, it is a relatively easy job to redevelop all the lost skills that are our birthright.) Hindsight, when used in conjunction with some of our other natural talents, can take on a brand new meaning.

Consider for a moment the unlikely combination of hindsight and imagination. Now bring into the equation the principle of goal-setting and the process of visualization.

Goal-setting in itself has several functions. Firstly, we have to tell our brain exactly what we want. (Most people don’t know what they want.) Now, we must commit. Without commitment nothing works. In order for the process to work we have to be able to visualise ourselves already having achieved the perfect end-result of our desire. This is a function of the creative imagination. An accurate, and detailed vision of an aspect of our future!

It has been scientifically proven that the visual cortex of the brain does both the seeing and the visualising and can’t tell the one from the other. The brain, which is now remembering what we have visualised as reality, will now regulate our behaviour.

We now have the advantage of hindsight. In this case, in advance of the actual happening. From this imaginary place in our future we can look back, make the adjustments required to the plans we have made and greatly enhance our chance of success. We can never fail, we can only quit. And if we never quit but rather keep developing our natural talents and applying common sense to our present circumstances we will always win in the end.

Learn to use all the other natural tools with which you have been blessed. You are a truly amazing piece of technology. Take the trouble to learn to develop and use all that, which you are!

Think About It!

Everything that man takes for granted in this world was once a crazy idea in the mind of someone whom most of the experts called a lunatic.

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