The Parable and the Principle

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The Parable & The Principle

When we were children most of us were well- schooled in the various parables that are the rich heritage to thousands of years of well-marketed history. Most of this propaganda was fed to us in the form of some religion or other and for almost all of us that is exactly where it stayed. The rich religious heritage of our value base. We where taught about the time of great miracles. The time when God seemed to be looking after his people and giving them amazing super-natural powers. Moses parted the sea; the Israelites made the walls of Jericho come tumbling down; Peter walked on the water; Jesus fed the multitude and healed the sick. We can go on forever!

Extract the Principle
and the Science.

How many times were we told that if we extracted the principle or science on which the parable was based that we too would be able to do truly amazing things? Were we ever taught that by definition a miracle is something that defies or contradicts the known laws of science or the understanding of that science by the masses, thousands, or even hundreds of years ago (not to mention today)?

Like the self-help industry, all the ancient philosophers and all the religions are based on the simple truth that we create our world with our thoughts. (Although most of the religions tend to play this down.) However awesome this responsibility it remains the truth.

As a young man somebody asked me a question that made me think and consequently changed my life. “How many people do you now that don’t sleep on a bed.” “Nobody,” I replied. “Then why are there so many people and businesses making and selling beds?” WELL …..!

Remember the story of David and Goliath – the young man who despite the fact that he had no fancy armour was prepared to take on the giant!

Very few businesses start with a completely new product or service and mountains of capital. Young Entrepreneurs, usually armed with nothing but GUTS, a belief in themselves and the knowledge that a giant company, (which incidentally they often worked for and as a result had inside information), has an Achilles Heel – Bad Service; Lack of Vision; Arrogant Attitudes…….
Every business, even life itself is based on amazingly simple principles. When we take the trouble to look for and understand the principle and where need-be, the science, what seemed to be a miracle isn’t and consequently is easily explainable. All things become simple and well within the reach of anyone who is prepared to think for themselves and then to do something with the thought, like act on it!

You get the story? It’s that easy! Or is it? One thing is definitely true, IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY. A little miracle that often turns into a huge one that feeds, clothes and educates thousands of people every year. It happens because someone worked the principle instead of worshipping the parable.

Could you be next?

Go into the world armed with
knowledge and GUTS!

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