The New Year is a Mountain

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Think of the New Year as a mountain.
The external part of the lower reaches of the
mountain you can see.

The rocks, the trees, the cliffs, the ledges
are symbols of the known forces
of life and the universe.

The visible mountain represents the impressions
 received through the five senses …
the material achievements of science,
the ordinary life of man.

But look upward! We cannot see the summit.
Lost in a halo of clouds the mountain top
represents the invisible qualities of life…
Insight, inspiration, guidance.

This New Year let us make it our goal to
climb upward to the mountain top
of consciousness where the higher powers
of mind and spirit may be
Applied to meeting the challenges in our
personal lives and in our world.

As we ascend into the clouds of wonder
and mystery, limitless hidden possibilities
await discovery.

The unseen is not unreal. It may be reality itself!

This beautiful piece of philosophy was sent anonymously. It is part of a calendar and the author is unknown. Page by Val Wyllie.

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