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The dawning of a new year, 1999, and the end of an era. How many of us looked back on the past year and wished things had been different, better, etc? Well the fantastic thing about being alive is that we still have time to do something about turning our wishes into goals and our goals into realities. Every day is a new day and this is a new day as well as a new year and the last of the 20th century. We move into an era which most of us can remember hearing about at school as science fiction – the 21st century. And isn’t it just that? What with cyberspace and space travel? What exciting things are lying ahead!

Maybe this poem, by Patience Strong, will have some meaning for you.

Learn a lesson from your garden.
Nothing prospers without toil.
You’ve got to work and wait for things
to nourish and to feed the soil
before your patience is rewarded by the
sight of fruit and flowers.
That lovely show is the result of many
hard and busy hours.
You’ve got to keep on keeping at it all the
time you have to spare
waging war on weeds and pests that
seem to flourish everywhere
You’ve got to clip and mow and rake,
to sow and stake, to hoe and spray
But it’s fun you must admit
for in the garden work is play.

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