The David Pickard Wyllie Newsletter – May 2015

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May 2015

Life is a mirror of who we are; a reflection of our perceptions made manifest. The more we know ourselves the better we understand the universe and our relationship to its workings. We live in an ever expanding universe and if we are not becoming more and better we are retarding evolution.

If you could prove to yourself that you are more than twice the person you currently believe you are, how would that impact on all areas of your life?

TAG Consciousness exposes us to our greatest possibility; we already have all the tools and latent potential for the creation of anything we can imagine. As our awareness expands our dormant DNA is activated making what we once thought impossible possible.

Consistently over the past forty years those who have worked the TAG principles have seen amazing results in their lives. It has been the catalyst in seventy percent of our grads doubling their income in less than twelve months. It has also been instrumental in the creation of more than five hundred US$ millionaire as well as giving thirty terminal ill people the self knowledge to facilitate spontaneous remission with no re-occurrence.

Whether you are looking to improve your business, your personal life or you have health issues, this process will catapult you into action based on self-knowledge, focus and commitment. TAG is aimed at those who have the courage to experience yet a greater possibility of self.

The next TAG II Intensive workshop starts on the 5th-7th June and ends on the weekend of the 3rd– 5th July 2015. It is a month long practical experience that starts and ends with these two three day residential weekends. There are only a few seats left, the workshop is practical and experiential; limited to small groups with individual attention. Read more

I look forward to the privilege of inspiring you in your quest for the fulfilment of your greatest possibilities.

Fill your day with love.

David Pickard Wyllie

P.S. Our next TAG Wealthbuilder workshop is now full. I have scheduled another for the overflow of interested people on Thursday 11th June. This workshop is based on the simple and easy to implement plan that has moved me from the poverty of my childhood to the wealth and affluence of my present life. Read more

David Wyllie

About the Author

I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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