September 2009

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dpw-letter-newSomeone once said: “If you want to know how much you will be missed when you are gone, put your fist into a bucked of water then take it out. You can measure the extent to which you will be missed by the size of the hole your fist leaves in the water.”

Well I’m back and judging by all the frantic emails no one even noticed I was gone. So here is this month’s letter from the beaten up ego of the delusional Guru.

It has been amazing to have some time out with family and friends. Time to just love and laugh and be! Time to show off our incredible country to people who have had their heads filled with all kinds of rubbish from the international media and have no concept of what an amazing place South Africa really is.

I had forgotten what it was like to have an energetic, enthusiastic, ever questioning nineteen year old in my face for almost two months.

It has been very unusual to have Luke’s mix of very strong opinions with an eagerness to learn and openness to other points of view coupled with the passion and sensitivity that I have encountered in very few people let alone a nineteen year old on his way out of school and into University or College as it is known in the USA. But, I guess it helps to have your second Tag II workshop helping to create the bridge between the two.

Luke, is a soul obsessed. Obsessed with poetry and something he calls music; I believe it is called progressive metal; but for the musically uninformed of my generation it is more commonly known as noise. (hahaha) But for Luke and his friends it works, and I guess that’s what counts. But then my Father thought that Elvis Presley and Cliff Richards were obscene, and when I started listening to jazz he knew that I had finally lost it.

In almost every respect the older generation believes that there is very little hope for the next generation. Yet every generation manages to add to the process of Universal change and lead us to places that were deemed to be impossible by proceeding generations, and by their efforts make planet Earth a very interesting place to live.

Whether the change is good or bad is only subjective anyway. In the grand scheme of things one person’s opinion is of little consequence; and there is no one on planet Earth who is truly qualified to judge.

Everything that comes into our lives does so of our own choosing: to expose us to ourselves in order that we may learn. Sometimes it’s just hard to see the reasons for the lessons while we are wrapped up in the process. We need the luxury of time and distance to get things into perspective. Only when we are out of the immediate emotion of the circumstance are we in a position to see things in the context of the greater picture.

But back to Luke; halfway through a sentence he will jump up and disappear only to return a while later with a, ”Sorry a line just popped into my head”, and carry on as if he had never left.

We never had a frivolous conversation; and the topics astounded me. “Dave, I’m trying to understand poverty and wealth, oh by the way who was Jesus of Nazareth really? Where do you get your knowledge from and how do you know that you are right? And before I could even answer he would whip out his PDA and be engrossed in another line of inspiration – so typical of a number nine!

Jokes aside we would sit for hours discussing everything from religion to politics, wealth creation to “how could anyone choose to live like that,” as we drove past yet another squatter camp.

Then, every now and again, a little grin would curl up on the side of his mouth and I would hear him say, “Why do I get the feeling that I seem to be teaching you?”

The young need the experience of the old and us old timers need to have a fresh new look at the world that only youth can give. It is a symbiotic relationship that helps change happen.

The rich need the poor to remind them not to become too arrogant about what they perceive as success; the poor need to take from the rich, a road map out of their current thinking, and the politicians need someone to steal from in the name of social upliftment, even when we all know that it never works. Life is an individual responsibility.

We all need a Luke in our lives. A ‘Sky Walker’ who will challenge everything that we think we stand for. We need a challenge that makes us reach for something we never realised we had inside of us, and the motivation never to let our thinking drag us back to the things that we have moved beyond. Above all, we need to learn to stay focused on what is really important to us, even when we are the only person who agrees with us.

“Luke, despite all that you have been growing through; all the learning that you have thrust upon yourself this lifetime; you have the ability to stay true to your dream. I, and so many others, needed to be reminded of that. Thank you Sir for all you have taught me and everyone else that you have come in contact with on your trip to South Africa. More of us need to catch some of that enthusiasm that you so willingly shared.”

There is always a dream on the other side of the horizon of thought; one that is even more amazing than this one, which is the stepping stone on this adventure in a lesson that we call life.

May truth be your guiding force; love your motivation and enlightenment your goal.

David Pickard Wyllie


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