Peasant or SuperStar

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Peasant or Superstar

Is getting it fifty percent correct, a pass to you?
Or does the fifty percent you didn’t get bother you?
Is it good enough just to do what is expected
Or do you go the extra mile?
Are you working just to get a salary
Or do you enjoy what you are doing?
What I’m really asking is
Are you a peasant or a superstar?

Are people just a hindrance to your day
Or do you enjoy the interaction with them?
When you wake do you groan at the morning
Or are you glad of a fresh new day?
Do you consider your family a burden
Or one of the greatest joys of you life?
What I am really asking is
Are you a peasant or a superstar?

Do you only see the problems you face
Or do you see wonderful growth opportunities?
Are you poverty stricken in your life
Or rich because life is your greatest prize?
Is life a destination you long to reach
Or is it a marvellous journey, too good for words?
What I am really asking is
Are you a peasant or a superstar?

My reason for asking is very simple
I used to squawk with the chickens
Pecking at the dirt at my feet, in life’s barnyard
Then someone showed me I was an eagle
And that I could fly to heights only dreamed of.
I learnt to accept each circumstance as a challenge
I cast off my peasant mentality of subsistent existence
And am learning to soar to superstar heights..

You may consider I have wasted your time
With too many insignificant questions
How you answered my questions
Should however have told you a lot about
If you are a peasant or a superstar?
Flexing your wings to fly is not always easy
Others will mock and tell you it can’t be done
But only you can choose to be a peasant or a superstar.

Patricia C Matthews

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