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David Pickard Wyllie

“It’s not education, colour or creed

that determines our achievement in life

but the development and utilisation of our abilities.”

When South Africa starts choosing its national sports teams in the same way that it is starting to choose its business teams (by legislated proportional/racial representation or affirmative action), will any self-respecting sportsman or woman want to be selected? Why has no one in this country got the guts to tell the politicians who can’t even play the sport, or for that matter run a successful business, to go and play somewhere else?

Equality can never be legislated! Equality has to be earned! Equality is a personal responsibility! To become one of the best in the country, regardless of the field of endeavour, is a very personal goal that more of us should aspire to! In the end, the best will always rise to the top. It is the very nature of the Universe and no idiot with political aspirations, trying to win votes from fools, has ever got it right to out-smart the Universe.

By the way I thought the end of apartheid was supposed to be the end of racialism in South Africa, or have I got it wrong?

Published in Growthpoint Magazine, volume one, in 1998.

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