October 2009

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dpw-letter-newThe other evening while driving home from an appointment I received a phone call. When I answered, this is what I heard:-

Caller: “Hello David, I believe you can make me into a millionaire in two years.”

Me: “Who told you that?”

Caller: “A client of yours.”

Me: Who?

Caller: He said if I want to be a millionaire you are the man to speak too.

Me: “Who is ‘he’ and who are you?”

Caller: “Sorry are you driving?”

Me: “Yes”.

Caller: “How long will it take you to get home?”

Me: “Twenty minutes”

Caller: “I’ll call you in half an hour.”

He hung up and I had a few thoughts to ponder on the way home.

What kind of an idiot would ask me if I could make them into a millionaire in two years; given that I know absolutely nothing about him? Does he expect me to give him my winning lotto ticket? Does he believe that humans have a millionaire switch hidden somewhere in their brain and that I knew where to touch the magic button or was he just …………….!

Life is a personal responsibility, and there are no magic wands. But ……..

As hundreds of you who are TAG inspired millionaires know; if we do what makes millions, we make millions. The magic is in a greater understanding of our possibilities; the wisdom to correctly manage the cause and effect and then, the skill to look after that which we have diligently created.

Time has very little to do with the speed at which we are able to create wealth. One good idea sold can make instant millions or even billions. Remember Mark Shuttleworth! Other things like making and/or selling toilet paper take a little longer. Less people have a need for Mark’s program while most people have a need to wipe their bums at least once a day. One takes great mental skill while the other is relatively simple to achieve. Both opportunities correctly worked will create all the wealth we have the ability to imagine and we don’t have to be super intelligent to make the trip.

Irrespective of peoples current perceptions of the economic climate, there will always be needs; goods and services will continue to be purchased. Profits will vary; needs will change, as will priorities, but it is virtually impossible for any of us to be completely self-sufficient so people will always be looking for help in some or other form.

One of the great teacher said, “The person who becomes the greatest servant will eventually become the master.” History has proved this to be true. The more people have things done for them the less likely they are to learn to do for them selves; it’s easier to expect the same help again and again and ………….. And the more we practice the better we become; irrespective of what we are choosing to practice.

So the key to becoming a millionaire is value traded and quality service. Whether we are serving one wealth customer or one million lazy people who would rather pay someone for help than learn to help themselves, the key is still value traded and good service. No wonder most people are getting poorer every day! And it is their mindless lack of integrity that deludes society in general into believing that they have a right to supply less for more money; serve badly and still be worthy of great abundance as remuneration for their pathetic offerings.

Now back to that phone call. He did not do what he said he would do, he did not phone me in half an hour.

My job is to teach, not judge, so I called him. (Thanks to caller ID) I explained that if he was serious about my help we needed to meet; so we should set up an appointment; were we could evaluate his circumstances and if necessary plan the road ahead. He said it was important and urgent and asked if it would be possible to meet the following day, but he did not have access to his diary and said he would phone me back. I’m still waiting!

Our society is made up of the great mindless mass; many ‘wishers’, and the few ‘dreamers’ some of whom commit to action and become the ‘doers’. There are people of integrity, who number very few and there are the rest; the vast bulk that call themselves humanity. (Incidentally, the word human means ‘god-man’ or creator.) No one can help them; they will not do anything to help themselves.

Our choice, and we always have a choice, is firstly to choose which group we are aligning our beliefs, perceptions and thinking with. Next we have to establish our priorities!

Exceptional achievers are exceptional because they know what they want and everything they think and do is dominated by their need to achieve that which they have chosen for their lives. All their priorities are centred on their success.

Remember; someone once said; ‘successful people turn their dreams into reality’; oh yes, of course, that was me. They choose with wisdom and live with integrity because they know that all thoughts and actions are activating Lore and the outcomes are always perfectly matched with the inputs.

Super achievers are also smart. They don’t take council from non-achievers or theoretical experts as do the vast majority of unthinking humanity. They get help from people who can walk the talk; whose lives demonstrate the truth of their beliefs and the soundness of their actions. They don’t believe in luck; they know they get exactly what they work for.

Does my mysterious caller deserve yet another call from me or am I just wasting my time? Is it only his ignorance in the way of the fulfilment of his dreams or is he fundamentally to useless to be helped? Is my job, as a teacher, to pour my valuable energy into the seemingly bottomless pit of human uselessness, or, only to choose to work with those who have demonstrated their worthiness by their actions? Help! I would love some feedback.

By the way, there are many amazing people out there; people just like we used to be, who only need to be slightly redirected; who just need to prove a more viable alternative to their current way of life. People who want to, but have not yet worked out how to; people of integrity who are willing to accept responsibility for the outcome of their lives. You know some of them; maybe they are family; close friends; members of staff; business associates or clients. You know, from your experience, that Val and I can help them make the difference. Please put us in touch with each other.

The easiest way to enhance the quality of our lives, stimulate this economy and make our great country prosper, is to help a few more people of integrity join us on our amazing journey into exceptional achievement. Between us all, we can make a difference. Its not up to ‘them’, it must be done by all of us.

When you ‘fly’ you inspire others with the possibilities – so ‘fly’.


David Pickard Wyllie

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David Wyllie

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I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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