November 2014

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November 2014

A while back I posted this on my face book page  “We all have three centres of knowing ……”

‘Education’, or should I say schooling, has hi-jacked us away from our God given ability to ‘know’ and always do the things that are in the best interests of your Soul’s journey.

We replace ‘knowing’ with socially conditioned logic and pre-programmed responses to perceptions.

I have consciously chosen to live my life differently … to honour the uniqueness of my DNA and live out the the remainder of this journey being true to myself while systematically moving towards my vision of my greatest possibility.

I can almost hear the screams, ‘That’s all very well for you, (You’re different) but you don’t know how complicated my life is; you don’t understand my responsibilities; you don’t …. you don’t ….DON”T! Maybe you are right.   But maybe I was once in the same space as you find yourself now.

But back to my reason for this letter:

Science is busy proving what the ‘Ancients’ all understood and what ‘education’ has schooled us into ignoring. But for what I want to explain I need to digress for a moment.

In order for the GPS (Global Positioning System) in you car to work it must firstly be ‘switched on’, then it needs to be allowed to connect to its source of information (in this case three satellites). The three satellites track the GPS from three totally different points of view and make huge amounts of information available to it. This information is all relevant to its present position and its chosen destination.

For our ‘GPS’ to be of value, we also need to be ‘switched on’ then it requires two vital bits of information … WHERE WE ARE and OUR CHOSEN DESTINATION!

We all, by virtue of the fact that we are human, have a Universal Positioning System built into our physiology.

Our brain, heart and solar plexus are three independent tracking systems. Although they are housed in our body they have divine connections to Source. These connections can never be disconnected.

What we call disconnection is simply choosing to ignore the information we are receiving. We have been taught that ‘educated people’ work with ‘facts’  and ‘logic’, and that intuition and emotion are the tools of ‘the primitive’.

Over the last few years medical science has made some amazing discoveries about the human body that require that we completely re-look at the way we think and feel and all this new information is taking us back to what the ‘ancients, always knew.

We have ‘Brain cells’ in both our hearts and our solar plexus and both are thinking/ feeling organs that actually give us information that is just as accurate as anything supplies by our brain. In fact in a lot of respects out brain is the least efficient at giving us guidance into our future and insight into the deeper meaning of life.

Our heart is the organ that allows life to have meaning, purpose and passion and our solar plexus, (sun centre), is our centre of knowing … the seat of out intuition.

We all instinctively ‘know what feels right’; what turns us on; what gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning; what fires our dreams and ambitions; what fills our life with passion and love … and often all this information is in conflict with the logic of our ‘education’; our social conditioning and the dictates our conscience.

Every great endeavour humanity has produced has defied logic, broken all the known laws of science and made what has historically appeared impossible, POSSIBLE! Every superstar in all fields have followed their hearts, their passions their dreams. Both in science and the affairs of the heart; imagination, intuition and passion have been the creative powers of possibilities and the logical brain has almost always been the source of conflict.

Think less! Feel more! Follow you heart and listen to our inner ‘knowing’. Use all three sources of information available to you … your Universal Positioning System will always take you to the perfect place of learning and the fulfilment of your Soul’s journey.

Know thyself, and be true and steadfast to your knowing.

Make all your dreams come true.

David Pickard Wyllie.

PS.  A special thanks to Christine Lenferna of Touch the Soul for the amazing Reiki workshops that I have had the privilege of working on with her. Our TAG-Reiki workshops are going to be amazing.

PPS. Don’t miss my workshops ‘The U within U’ on the 8th of November and the ‘Wealth Builder’ on the 20th of November 2014.

PPPS. If you would like to attend any of my workshops or like me to present one of them to a group of interested people in your part of the world please don’t hesitate to contact me.

David Wyllie

About the Author

I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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