November 2009

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dpw-letter-newThanks for the amazing feedback I have received in response to my October letter.

Yes! Some people are just too useless to help themselves or to be helped. Some are hell bent on experiencing as many things as they can dream up, to prove their perceptions that they are victims of some evil Universal force’s desire to put them through hell, are true. Others, believe that perhaps some ever loving God has a plan for their lives and that they just don’t seem to understand it,. Or maybe, they are all really just useless and are using their vast intelligence to justify themselves. This debate will go on for ever; the super achievers will continue to do what they do best and so will all the others.

Maybe we are all just missing the point!

What if life is just a classroom, were we are all learning to become conscious of our natural ability to create in this dimension of energy? What if we live in the ‘textbook of creation’, where every possibility of creation is graphically illustrated, along with its cause and effect and all the emotional triggers that attract us towards or steer us away from our chosen learning? Which ever way we choose to travel, along the path of learning, we will always be choosing to circum too or overcome, whatever we have chosen to expose ourselves to; it is us who are doing the choosing and us who must do the learning. Remember; “Whether you are right or wrong what you believe is true for you.”

The time we spend judging the validity of the choices of others equals energy spent and focus given away; maybe we should be spending more of our energy making sure that what we are creating is what we want for our learning; that our world, not the world, is the way we want it to be.

Not being hi-jacked by the insanity of mediocrity is already a full time job. But it is possible, – some people manage it. Are we dedicated to and focused on our life mission or are we giving away control to mass consciousness by feeding what they are creating with our precious thoughts and energy? We can’t be doing both at the same time. (Remember fighting what we don’t want only gives it energy and takes our energy away from what we do want.)

Different creative energies can and do exist in the same time space dimension without affecting each other in exactly the same way as many cell phones can be used at the same time without interfering with each other. Part of being a conscious creator is learning this focus and control of both the energy of our thoughts and emotions.

Our thoughts steer us, our emotions drive us; so the way we feel about what we are thinking gives power to the process. Are we getting angry about what we perceive to be wrong or are we getting exited about what we are busy creating?

Now back to the money issue. I got clobbered!

Don’t I know there are much more important things than being a millionaire?

It seems that money is still the route of all evil: Or is it the lack of money? It would be interesting to see the financial statements of all those who protest so loudly about money and the evil that it creates.

Money equals power!

The power to get a good education; to live in decent surroundings; to pay our bills; to pay others for services well rendered with integrity. Money facilitates the building of infrastructure, the hospitals, schools etc and determines the calibre of the people who staff these and all the other institutions that are supposed to be serving society with integrity.

Money and/or the lack thereof also reveals ourselves to ourselves; it reveals our greed and generosity; confidence, fear and honesty; our understanding of the Lore of Creation and our ability to apply them. Money willingly given and received is also a measure of peoples perception of the value contributed to each others lives.

It is the useless and the incompetent that lobby for socialism; and the legislation that it spawns. Legislation designed to take by force and extortion from the achievers and redistribute it amongst those who believe they have a right to share in the spoils of that which they are unwilling to accept the responsibility of learning to create.

Nothing can take the place of money, in the place where money is designed to work. Or should I say, nothing can take the place of the principle that money represents. People who understand and practice these principles will always create wealth. It is the lack of these principles in the lifestyle of the masses that creates poverty, not money or the lack thereof.

Every ‘time’ and culture produces its have’s and have not’s. Charity, organised religion and politics have never removed poverty or uselessness from the societies they claim to be helping. On the contrary they only make people more dependent on the ‘system’.

People’s lives are the results of the application of principles, personal choices and responsibilities! Lasting wealth is always the result of principles practiced; not theoretical understanding. And the more we practice the more competent we become, irrespective of what we choose to practice!

Any society that uses its collective intelligence to make excuses for, and subsidises uselessness; incompetence and a lack of integrity will eventually fail economically and morally; just as any individual who practices the creation of personal abundance through integrity will succeed and prosper. Success and prosperity are always personal responsibilities. Society prospers when each individual learns to create more than he or she consumes.

“Wealth is not a right; it is a personal responsibility; a privilege that has to be re-earned every day.”

This is true, irrespective of age or any other circumstance. (We are never too old or too young to upgrade who we are making of ourselves.) If we are not creating more than we are consuming; we are, by default, consuming more than we are creating. There is no convenient middle ground. To give up creation is to embrace consumption and destruction!

Our job, or life purpose, is to continually learn to improve our ability to consciously create at the greatest standard that we can imagine. This gives us satisfaction. If we are not stretching our imagination and abilities we become bored. Boredom leads to taking ourselves for granted and a lack of self-esteem which usually leads to underutilisation of ability. The spiral of destruction of “I”; this leads to the giving away of responsibility; which in turn…………….

If we wish to acquire wealth, prosperity and financial independence we need to work out how to trade that which gives us satisfaction with willing customers by enriching their lives and helping them fulfil their dreams and aspirations. We don’t need to legislate job protection!

Those of us who have already worked this out have an added responsibility: We are the role models who prove the possibilities of the life we have chosen to create. Our ability can inspire others who are willing to see the truth of creation. Are we leading them to the discovery of the greater possibilities or are we alienating them?

Make millions; circulate your wealth discerningly, only honouring people who trade value with integrity. Society will be richer because you are. Stretch your imagination and the imaginations of every one you meet; improve your ability; and every day, create that which you would be proud to present as a gift to GOD.

If you need a push don’t be afraid to ask, contact me, that is the thing I am really good at.

May truth be your guiding force; love your motivation and enlightenment your goal.

David Pickard Wyllie


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