New Life in Nature

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Every day we see new life in nature. Maybe we can apply that principle to our everyday lives. Be prepared to work hard, to wait for results without becoming disheartened or disappointed. 

To give, in order to receive. To have fun, to learn, to play while becoming successful. We all want success yet, so few of us enjoy it and enjoy the thought of it coming to us. We seem to be too serious in our striving for success and thereby lose touch with the pleasures of life. 

Make a promise this year to take the time you deserve to be happy and to have fun while you strive for your dreams. Have you ever asked yourself why the birds sing early in the morning usually while you want to carry on sleeping? Just maybe they are so greatful that they have woken up and have another day to do the things they need to do. 

Stop waiting for tomorrow and start making your life worth singing about. Make this a golden year and a great end to the 20th century by making today the best day of your life.

God Bless. May love and success be yours.
Val Wyllie

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