Nature’s Law – Karma

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Nature’s Law

The Law of Cause and Effect

We study science and then, for some crazy reason tend to ignore it, or at least we seem to not take it seriously when we look at the relationship between ourselves and the rest of the universe. Religionists tend to blame everything on gods, while exempting themselves from responsibility for their lives. Fools believe in chance and even legislate their lack of responsibility. The vast majority of the planet’s human population believe in nothing at all, (least of all in themselves) and keep looking for something or someone to blame for their lot in life.

Although the law that governs all things is so simple and obvious, the shapers of society and their appointed educators have chosen to teach us never to relate to it personally. After all, useless people with no hopes and dreams and no vision for their future are easy to control. It is the vast mindless-mass that chooses the leaders in a democracy. Politicians would not be able to exist in a world of thinking, achieving people. These political parasites break all the natural laws by encouraging people to give up individualism and self-sufficiency in the name of ‘the collective good’. Life is a personal responsibility. All things in the universe work on law not luck. For the super-achievers, luck is an acronym for labour- under-correct-knowledge.

This law of Karma or Cause and Effect has been described in many ways; as you sow, so shall you reap; what you put in is what you will get out. When questioned about the wisdom of this law most people will tend to agree, but excuse themselves from its consequences. 

They agree, but . . . . .
There are no buts! The wonderful thing about this simple law of life is that it pays no favors; it never discriminates; it’s colour blind; it has no religious self-righteousness; it’s always absolutely fair. Those of us who have discovered its absolute justice live free of fear; safe in the knowledge that we are the creator of our own worlds and that while we continue to think right and do the things that get the desired results, all will be well.
The Universe has no concept of right and wrong or good and bad. These things are only perceptions based on our personal value base. They differ from culture to culture. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Was Robin Hood the champion of the poor and the oppressed or just the for-runner to the Receiver of Revenue?

How often have you said; “If the boss would pay me more I would work harder?” Have you ever thought that you are proving to the boss that he is already over- paying you? The useless become more and more useless because they keep using their intelligence to mimic the mediocrity they see around them believing that it is smart or lucky to get something that they have not earned. 

The smart people of the world do things slightly differently. They always give their very best and then a little extra. The very best is to say thanks for the opportunity to serve, the extra is their way of growing or making themselves greater, so that next time they get the opportunity to serve they will be able to create even more value. Superstars know that they become what they practice. They use their intelligence to keep themselves evolving into the person who equals their dreams and aspirations. They never let themselves down.

Be smart, always do your best and then a little extra for those greater possibilities for your future.

By: David Pickard Wyllie

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