My Pilgrimage towards Wholeness

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I am often asked how I found out about, and why I first went to the Casa de Dom Inacio in 2008. My initial response was curiosity and coincidence. I had seen a short documentary on Carte Blanche many years prior and although impressed by what I saw, at the time I was healthy and busy with my life so I did not give it another thought. 

There is no such thing as coincidence, Synchronicity happens when we respond to the call of spirit.

A few years later while attending my Karuna Reiki Master training with William Lee Rand in Glastonbury. I met some wonderful people who were talking about the work of John of God and the miraculous healing that takes place at the Casa de Dom Inacio. I found out that the physical surgeries portrayed on Carte Blanche although extraordinary and awe inspiring were only a small portion of the work that is happening there, and only for those who needed proof. The spiritual interventions that thousands receive without any physical human touch is what got my attention.

In April 2008 after having spent two months in Peru experiencing the healing work of various shamans, I found myself in Abadiania a small rural town in central Brazil where inexplicable healing happens through the dedication of one man, a full trance medium who allows spirit doctors to take over his body to help humanity overcome suffering and illness.  

Nervous does not begin to describe how I felt about the prospect of meeting a man possessed by spirit, such a wild and foreign concept for me at the time.

My guide assured me that the spirit doctors (entities of light) who incorporate the medium are highly evolved spirits whose mission is to help humanity, she asked me to focus on three most important things I would like help with.  I was not sure what to request  as I was healthy of body and mind as far as I was concerned,  although it was clear that I needed spiritual healing if only to overcome my fear and I wanted help to become a more open channel so I could be a better healer.

With a mix of excitement, impatience and nervous anticipation I joined the queue to meet this humble man in entity for the first time. When he took my hand and looked into my eyes all fear vanished, the love and compassion which I experienced in that instant still brings tears to my eyes. I was sent for a double session on the Crystal Bed, a blissful experience which prepared me for my (invisible surgery) spiritual intervention the next day.

My vocabulary is lacking in words to describe what happened during the surgery, it seems to have lasted just a few seconds and I don’t know what they operated on I was told that they operate on 9 different locations at a time. It was a gentle process no physical feeling just a knowing that I was loved and supported, I did not feel a thing but to my surprise the effect of it was sudden and physical, for the next twenty hours I was out with a blinding headache and my eyes were so sore it felt like someone had hit me between the eyes, my body was aching and I just could not get out of bed. To this day I do not know for sure what happened and it took me at least a week to regain my strength. The next day when our guide came to check on me I had tears streaming down my face, my pillow was drenched with tears and it seems that the tears would never stop. My chest felt bruised other than that I felt great; my guide explained that the entities had opened my heart to remove the pain I was carrying.

A few days later our guide said that she was taking us to the sacred waterfall for a cleansing, I had goose bumps; the words of the shaman I had met in Peru rang in my ears: “You will not be the healer you are meant to be until you get rid of the pain you are carrying…..  Don’t  worry the next part of your journey will take care of this; You will know your healing is complete when you get to a waterfall”   I could not wait… although cold water is not very appealing to me and the waterfall is freeeeeeezing!  I went under knowing that it was a defining moment for me, it was a powerful experience, when I got back to my room I put my glasses to read and realised that I did not need them any more I could see clearly!

I extended my stay by another two weeks wanting to get a better understanding of the work being done there. The healings that happens at the Casa defies our logical minds; spontaneous remissions and miraculous healings are daily occurrences and most people have no words to describe the deep transformation that this life enhancing journey has on their lives. And this happens through meditation, prayer and just being still and inviting the help of the entities of light.

I wanted to bring his work back to South Africa and received permission to bring back a Crystal bed as an extension of the entities work. The month had been a sacred pilgrimage to my own inner sanctuaries a journey which helped me reconnect with my spiritual wealth and see the world with my eyes closed and my heart open.  It gave me an opportunity to reconnect with the child within, the one who knows without understanding how and holds the key to miracles. I watched this confused angry child blossom and vowed to pay close attention to her wisdom in future.

“She took my hand and learned to trust
I held her hand and learned to love this confused little girl 
for whom this cold cruel world did not make sense
With faith we prayed for help and were sent an army of angels and guides
With hope we found the courage to play and love
Grateful for the anger and fear that brought us here”
Time passes very quickly in this quiet and peaceful little town and the month ended too soon for me. Back home, at the risk of being called a lunatic I was on a mission to spread the news about this amazing place of healing and arguably the most powerful medium alive today. I shared my story and showed the DVD I brought back to everyone who would watch and listen. I went back and spent months there introduced friends and family and eventually at the prompting of my clients I requested and received permission from John of God to take groups to the Casa. I feel privileged and grateful for being able to be of service and in some small way give back to the Casa by accompanying people on their healing journey.
The Casa is a portal for higher consciousness, unconditional love, and high vibrational healing energy.
People go to the Casa for many different reasons, and although the work of John Of God is renowned for the miraculous cures of health issues, many people go there to find out what their purpose is, to enhance their intuition, develop their mediumship, establish a closer relationship to God by whatever name they choose to call him/her; and grow spiritually… The list is endless, no matter what your reason to journey to the Casa, an encounter with John of God and the helping spirits is sure to bring about the highest level of change and healing that you are willing and able to receive.
There is limited space available on our upcoming May trip, if you are ready to join me on this sacred pilgrimage get in touch now, booking closes at the end of the month.


May love light your way always


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