My Many Hats – May 2015

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My Many Hats

“The keys to my affluence”

 David Pickard Wyllie

While working on my LinkedIn page I started thinking about how best to tell people who I am; not an easy task if one is only looking for the conventional answer to this question.

In truth the answer is simple; “I am an eternal energy field of infinite possibilities limited only by the development of my imagination and the courage to implement my greatest perception of self.”

For many this may sound like esoteric mumbo jumbo … maybe it is, or maybe it is something really worth thinking about. Incidentally, one does not have to believe in gravity for it to be a reality and for thousands of years people thought the world was flat but their ignorance did not make their beliefs true. But this is a subject for another day.

When I ask people who they are, most of them tell me their name; when I ask them for more information I usually get their qualifications; job title, marital status, what car they drive; where they live; and … and … and … These things are the marketing package they are not the product!

And if I am still interested enough to I ask them to tell me about themselves, ninety nine percent tell me about their history. History is just that, HISTORY! History should only be a preamble to the present, not a justification or excuse for whom or what we have chosen to make of ourselves.

NOW is who we are; history is only who we were, it is the building blocks of whom we have allowed ourselves to become. One would never refer to a cathedral as bricks, timber and glass and the fact that in 1965 I ran the Comrades Marathon in just less than nine hours does not make ne an athlete. Our past, the many lessons, experiences and skills we have acquired along the way must never be confused with who we are or are capable of becoming.

Oh how I long to meet that elusive one percent: Those unique individuals who appreciate that what they are doing now is preparation for an even more amazing future.

In this blog I will be touching on my history, the building blocks and groundwork for my now, because the lessons I learned from the choices I have made have all been amazing catalysts for my now.

It took me many years to understand that every thought I had, everything I did was invoking the law of cause and effect and setting up my future. Along the way I make many bad judgement calls, choices that taught me hard lessons and put me though tremendous growth. Everything I thought and did have played there part in bringing me to this point in my life; my now! I must have done something right, Now is a truly amazing place and the possibilities I can see from here are even more mind blowing!

My journey to here has been an inspiring one; one that I have had the privilege of sharing as an international speaker, trainer and coach to some truly outstanding entrepreneurial business leaders, their colleagues, families and friends.

The life skills and lessons learned have given me significant insights and a profound understanding of natural laws and the principles that facilitate creativity, exceptional performance, wealth, health, joy and amazing affluence. The implementation of which has taken me from relative poverty to having far more than I need; enabled me to overcome sickness, learning disorders and physical handicap and turn them all into valuable gifts.

The wisdom I have gained along the path of mastering these perceived handicaps has become the foundation of my teaching.

TAG Consciousness, as it has become known, has not only transformed my life, it has also inspired and empowered countless people the world over; bridging cultural, religious and economic divides amongst all age groups.

As mentioned already, neither my history nor the many hats I have chosen to wear define who I am; they have all been mere stepping stones to this almost profound now, with an astonishing view of the possibilities I am glimpsing as I pear into my future.

So who is David Pickard Wyllie?

I asked Christine, my wife to proof read this for me and when I came back she had added this: “the most amazing husband” 🙂

So which hat will I be discussing in the next chapter?

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David Wyllie

About the Author

I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.


  1. Walter 6 May 2015 at 2:10 pm  / 

    Well David , let me tell you who you proved to be for me : You are the complete index listing all my tools in my huge toolbox. You pointed out how I can find the correct tool in times when I just could not locate it , yet it was right in front of my nose. You are the GPS that knows the way to many destinations. You are the knife that cuts through a lot of bull dust – especially the politically correct kind. You are the ” De Gardener ‘ figure in my lives ” Being There ” movie.

  2. David Wyllie
    David Wyllie 6 May 2015 at 8:45 pm  / 

    Thanks Walter, It has been a privilege working with someone of your calibre. Some people make all that I do worthwhile … you are one of them.