Money the Energy

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If all the money in the world was distributed evenly amongst all the citizen of the earth, within less than five years most of it would all be back in the hands of less than 1% of the population… The same 1% that it was taken from in the first place. Why???

Money is energy which flows from the consumer to the creator obeying the natural laws that create abundance. Both poverty and wealth are in perfect alignment with the application of these laws; poverty is the consumption of more than we create and wealth is the creation of surplus. This, in principle, applies to all forms of wealth.

We live in an abundant universe! It is governed by universal laws the knowledge of which escapes most of humanity. When we observe nature untouched by man we only see perfection and prosperity. Man made laws, greed and indoctrinated insecurity have created scarcity and lack and the unconscious creators have bought into this reality and are trapped in the land of lack.

We all become good at what we practice, so the poor are perfecting creating poverty while the rich are perfecting wealth creation; it is the Law of cause and effect in action.

If we are to escape from the land of lack to the land of plenty we have to become conscious creators and learn to apply the spiritual laws that govern the natural abundance of our universe. The TAG Wealth Builder workshop puts the holistic concept of wealth creation back in the hands of anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility of applying its simple, logical uncommon sense.

There are a few seats still available on the 12th of August, book your place and pave you way to the land of plenty.

David Wyllie

About the Author

I started my international teaching/coaching/consulting career in 1972 with an American direct sales marketing company. In 1974 I returned to Durban, South Africa and founded TAG Training International, The IOLOGY Institute and the Growthpoint Organization.

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