May 2015

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An Exquisite Gift

The embodiment of innocence, vulnerability and trust is what allows our infinite potential to develop and inspire love and wonder in everyone; it is the essence of wholeness and holiness.

Holding my first grand-child, my natural instinct is to want to protect him and as I delight in the softness of his skin, the sweet smell and the lovely sounds that babies make, I am reminded of the inherent resilience and wisdom that children possess and simply bask in the joy of holding someone so precious.

We only protect that which we perceive as being weak and unable to fend for themselves.  Although appropriate for a new born, the sooner we realise that our children are our teachers and not the other way round and support them to be independent individuals the better we equip them for life.

Our duty is to let them play, explore the law of cause and effect and trust their inner teacher; to allow them to be happy and not to mould them into society’s restraints and pass on our fears and misguided perceptions.

My wish for Thane is that he sees life with his heart and has the courage to follow his dreams and fulfil his chosen destiny. That he enjoys the many milestones ahead; and as he learns from his countless mistakes and overcomes the numerous challenges of life he realises that life is a series of events and experiences all perfectly orchestrated for his own learning and growth. And that he comes to know his true magnificence as he accepts the responsibility of creating his own reality and embraces every moment for the exquisite gift that it contains.

What an exhilarating journey, and such a privilege to be a part of it. Motherhood has taught me that love is an endless act of forgiveness, what wondrous gifts does ‘grannyhood’ hold? … 

My wish for Thane is the same for every one of you, book a coaching session if you would like support overcoming your fears and fulfilling your dreams.

May love light your way always


Christine Wyllie

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